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Best Valspar Paint for Pole Barn Buildings

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When building a pole barn, or post frame construction, there are many minute details to be determined. Size, material, and location are all key, but the paint, and its color, are one of the most important factors for your pole building.

At Burrow’s, we make sure our post-frame building supplies products are of the highest quality. This is why for our painted steel siding, roofing, and trim selection, we use only the best pole barn paint color options: Valspar paints.

With a wide selection of color choices in both 26 and 29-gauge metal, we’ve got plenty of tips on selecting the best pole barn paint color to use. Read on to see why Valspar is the best choice at Burrow’s for your pole barn siding, trim, and roofing needs.

Why Choose Valspar Paints for Your Pole Barn

A respected name in the industry and a leader in residential and commercial painting, Valspar is a company and product you can rely on. Established in 1806, Valspar paints and coatings have been used in pole barns, homes, offices, and more. Valspar is part of The Sherwin-Williams Company, another well-known name in the construction industry.

The silicone-modified polyester paint system we use for the metal roofing and siding we manufacture is called Valspar WeatherX®. A step above typical polyester paint, Valspar WeatherX® silicone-modified paint shrinks and stretches as your metal does. This ensures that your investment is worth it by preventing your painted steel siding from changing color, chalking, cracking, fading, and peeling.

Choosing your metal siding is important besides color as well. By being constantly exposed to the harsh exterior elements, you want to make sure it’ll last. When you choose Valspar coated metal siding, you are also choosing up to a 40-year warranty. Starting from the date of installation, you can rest easy knowing Valspar has your back. This warranty applies to Burrow’s main line of siding, roofing, and trim products.

Popular Pole Barn Colors

Burrow's red and black pole barn

With more barns, garages, sheds, and even barndominiums, popping up every day, you might be wondering what is causing the trend. Current interior and exterior design trends have been favoring the modern or industrial farmhouse look. Pole barns offer a cost-effective way to complete your property’s next addition as their structure and top-notch materials allow them to be well built, and therefore long-lasting.

As the modern farmhouse has led to more of an industrial feel, this has impacted color schemes that go with the interior design trend. Current color trends for pole barn color options are changing from year to year, but here are the most popular pole barn colors for 2022:

Valspar Charcoal Paint Color

Closely related to black Valspar paint, charcoal is one of the most popular colors for post-frame constructions. It looks clean and modern, making it a great pole barn metal siding selection. Within the gray family, you can play with different tones to achieve a warmer or cooler look while still looking formal.

Black Valspar Paint Option

Black is a common color but a timeless classic. Recently, it’s become a popular color for
new post-frame buildings or barndominiums that want a more modern, distinct look. Black creates
a great contrasting color and helps make your partnering color choices look striking and

Hunter Green in Valspar Paint

Dark pine or olive has been a popular color choice for interior and exterior design. Green helps your post-frame construction blend more seamlessly into the background. By coordinating with the natural elements surrounding your pole barn, this painted steel siding option freshens up your pole barn in a subdued way.

Valspar Pole Barn Red

The traditional pole barn color people just can’t seem to stay away from. While bright red can add a colorful pop, take your metal siding in a more modern direction with earthy, rust-colored tones of red and brown. A design tip from Valspar’s Trend-Worthy & Progressive 2022 Colors of the Year, “Dark hues with a dose of warmth bring a newfound coziness, making us feel protected and comforted.”

Other Top Valspar Paint Color Options

Here are some other great post-frame building color options for your next project:

Dark Valspar Blue

Totally original, a dark blue siding is a creative way to get a color favorite involved with your pole barn. Again, choosing a color often found in the natural elements is a great way to take a more modern approach then choosing a traditional pole barn color.

White Valspar Options

Whether stark white, or off-white, Valspar paint color options for their range of whites are a great neutral painted steel siding option. This leaves a blank canvas, giving you room to work with other contrasting colors to tie your pole barn or barndominium all together.

Valspar Beige Options

Another excellent neutral pole barn siding color, beige is another common Valspar siding choice. Beige warms up an exterior while not being as cold as white can be, and also goes further in hiding the dirt and debris that is bound to cover your pole barn siding at some point.

Choosing the right Valspar color for your pole barn building is no simple task. Browse our selection of roofing, siding, and trim and other quality materials to know exactly what you need for your project, and check out our Valspar paint guide to know what color you’ll need it in!

Use Valspar Color Options for Barndominiums Too

Pole Barn Reimagined as Home

As the farmhouse aesthetic has been gaining popularity, people are looking for building structures that can help them achieve their dream modern farmhouse curb appeal. While pole barn homes are a great way to achieve this look, barndominiums have also been rising in popularity and taking center stage.

If you are unaware of this particular house style, “barndominium” refers to a refurbished or freshly built post-frame construction that serves as a usable living space. It can be medium-to-large in size and typically resembles a pole barn or an older country-style farmhouse. But, with a few changes in design details, this style of home can be easily adapted to the modern industrial farmhouse of your dreams!

Barndominiums are also a great choice due to their cost-effectiveness. Like pole barns, how they are built, and the sturdy materials they are built with, allow for them to last longer for less. And if you’re trying to be cost-effective, Valspar color siding options are the way to go for your barndominium.

The numerous color options available allow for your barndominium to go from rustic to modern, and anywhere in between. With up to a 40-year warranty, and silicone-modified to last longer, Valspar’s quality is unmatched.

Burrow’s is proud to offer its selection of pole barn color options to our hardworking homeowners and clients. Check out our recent blog to understand more about how to build the best barndominium!

Choose Valspar Painted Steel Siding From Burrow’s Post Frame Supply

Whether picking out siding for a pole barn or a barndominium, choose from Burrow’s selection of Valspar painted siding to know you’re getting the quality you deserve.

With our dedicated and experienced employees, we are ready to help homeowners and contractors alike. With our 130,000-square-foot facility, in-house trucking service, quality material selection, and three decades of industry knowledge, Burrow’s is able to fulfill your needs with the highest supplier support.

There’s a reason we’ve stuck around since 1984. Contact Burrow’s to learn more about how we can assist with your Valspar painted steel siding project today!

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