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Metal and Paint Used for Pole Barns and Their Warranties

When building your next pole barn or post-frame structure, it’s important to think about not only metal and paint products, but also the warranties that come with those products.

Metal thickness for pole barns

In our building tips guide, we discussed how a 29 Gauge metal is thinner than a 26 Gauge metal. The minimum standard of thickness for 29 Gauge metal is /0142” and the minimum standard of thickness is 26 Gauge is .0187”. If you talk to a roll former that buys to a .015 standard, then with a 29 Gauge you are getting about 5% more steel, and hence a bit stronger roof or siding.

Below are some factors to take into consideration when looking at the supplies needed for your next building: 

  • In a recent builder survey we conducted, when asked what metal gauge is most commonly used for roofing in their area, 50% of the builders said 29 Gauge and 44% said 26 Gauge. 6% said they used other materials. 
  • As for thickness most commonly used for metal siding in their areas, 63.4% of the builders surveyed said 29 Gauge and 30.6% said 26 Gauge.
  • Check to see if your insurance company can give you a lower rate based on the metal passing Underwriters Laboratories 2218 impact resistance test. Your builder’s metal supplier should have this UL file number. Burrow’s UL file number is R26370.
  • The metal for our panels is 80,000 psi and the substrate is called Galvalume®  AZ50. Galvalume sheet steel contains 55% aluminum-zinc alloy. The product has largely replaced galvanized zinc-only metal and most every major steel coil producer offers Galvalume today. 

Paint for Pole Barns

Of course, all paint will fade to some degree, but with a silicone modified polyester paint, your red barn will not turn pink in five years. The silicone-modified polyester paint system we use for the metal roofing and siding we manufacture is called Valspar WeatherX®. Valspar provides the warranty.

The least expensive paint system is polyester paint, which typically comes with a 10 to 20-year warranty. A step up is a silicone-modified polyester, which allows the paint to stretch as the metal expands or contracts. The warranty for this paint is typically 40 years.

Some people think Kynar® is the ultimate paint system. The warranty is the same as silicone-modified polyester, but the product costs more. The warranties are typically pro-rated and do not cover labor.

You can learn more about the warranties and products you should look for when designing and building your next pole barn or post frame structure on our Quality Materials page or contact Burrow’s Post Frame Supply to learn more today!

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