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Why Pole Barn Home Kits are Gaining Popularity

With labor costs rising and shortages still impacting new home construction, many new homeowners are looking for alternatives to traditional homes and condos. When you’ve found an affordable piece of land, you might just consider a pole barn home, as an alternative to a traditional house. In this article, we explore why pole barn home kits are gaining popularity.

A post frame house is constructed with laminated posts that are placed in the ground and secured by a precast concrete pad. The roofing system is supported by columns within the structure. You might also hear people refer to these homes as barndominiums or pole barn homes. There are many advantages to building a pole barn home, read on to learn them all.

Are Pole Barn Homes Safe?

Before considering a nontraditional home, you probably want to know if it’s structurally sound enough to stand up to harsh weather conditions. Most of these post-frame houses are made with sturdy wood frames and can withstand storms as well as any house with a wooden frame. Depending on where you live, you may still need a tornado shelter, but the ready-to-build frames on barndominium kits will offer you a sturdy, dependable living space that rivals any traditional home.

Barndominiums Kits Are Affordable

Pole barn homes and other post-frame houses use simple designs, so you don’t need as many materials to complete construction. Additionally, the posts are driven into the ground, so these homes offer stable construction that takes less time and fewer materials. You will pay less for a pole barn home without sacrificing style.

Post Frame Houses Are Energy-Efficient

Post-frame construction uses fewer posts that are spread out wider than in traditional construction. This means you can place more insulation between the posts, which leads to fewer leaks. Your barndominium will stay cool in the sweltering summer heat and warm during the dead of winter without raising your heating and cooling bills.

Post Frame Kits Are Durable

Depending on what materials you use to build your post-frame home, it can last for decades. When made with treated wood and other strong materials, your pole barn home can withstand harsh weather. Builders of modern pole barn homes consider conditions like heavy snowfall and winds when designing them. These homes are primarily sheeted with metal, meaning that you don’t have to replace as much on the exterior or add the cost of shingling your new pole barn home.

In a traditional home, you will likely have to replace your siding and roofing every so often. But a pole barn home is made of materials with a longer lifespan than traditional siding and shingles.

Cozy pole barn home
cozy post frame home

Post Frame Homes Are Versatile

You can create a pole barn home with an open concept, two floors, a loft-style bedroom, and much more. Whatever your design style, you can find a post-frame house that fits it. Create your own spin on a country house or opt for a design that’s sleeker and more modern.

Build Your Own Post Frame Home with Barndominium Kits and Supplies from Burrow’s!

Now you understand why post-frame homes are gaining popularity so rapidly. If you’re ready to build your own barndominium, get your barndominium kits and supplies from Burrow’s Post Frame Supply. We are committed to quality and offer a wide range of pole barn home building materials that can stand the test of time. Our team members started out as builders, so we can answer your questions and help you choose the right materials for your post-frame house project. Whether you’re looking for a sleek barndominium or a lofted post-frame house, we can help you build your dream pole barn home with our popular pole barn home kits.

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