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How to Build The Best Barndominium

The farmhouse aesthetic is gaining massive popularity. That’s why more and more people are transforming barns into their dream homes. If you’re looking to build your own barndominium from the ground up, here’s how to build the best barndominium.

Pole Barn Reimagined as Home

What Is a Barndominium?

The term “barndominium” refers to a refurbished or freshly built post-frame construction meant to serve as a usable living space. It can be medium-to-large in size and is typically a wooden structure that resembles a pole barn or an older country-style farmhouse, or it can even take on a modern appeal! There are many options when it comes to the style of your new barndominium home. Just because traditional barndominium usually has a rustic vibe, doesn’t mean yours has too! Your barndominium can be as modest or lavish as you want it to be — depending on your budget and preferences.

Why Are Barndominiums Growing in Popularity?

The main reason barndominiums are gaining popularity around the country is because the prices of homes continue to rapidly increase. A small family home can now cost 3-5 times as much as it did just a few years ago. These prices have far outpaced wage growth and made it impossible for many young families to purchase a home.

So many are turning to alternative housing solutions like barndominiums. These pole barn houses are much cheaper to build and last as long as any other structure. They can also be customized to the buyer’s barndominium preference, it’s cheaper and easier than customizing a traditional home.

Learn more about the many reasons why barndominiums are gaining popularity across the country in our recent article: Post Frame Homes are Gaining Popularity.

How to Build a Pole Barn Home: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Barndominium

Having your very own piece of rustic heaven on Earth should be simple. Following these steps will get you right on track when building your first pole barn home.

#1 Check Local Zoning Laws on Your Barndominium

Overlooking the law can cut your pole barn home dreams short. All cities and towns have their own regulations on how you can and cannot use land. Some even go down to specific neighborhoods and gated communities.
Abiding by the local zoning rules is essential if you don’t want to face any nasty surprises regarding your barndominium down the line. It shouldn’t be too hard to find this information on the internet. Yet, when in doubt, consult current ordinances in your community with:

  • The mayor’s office
  • The city attorney
  • The department of housing
  • The public library
  • Your local homeowner’s association

#2 Design the Pole Barn Home

Part of the reason to build your very own barndominium is that it is much more customizable than buying a pre-built home. You can create the barndominium of your dreams by having your building contractor use the right design software, like the SmartBuild software at Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply.

SmartBuild is a post-frame construction design software and material ordering platform that makes the process of creating quotes and proposals easier. Assemble a complete design and generate a quote in minutes, not hours.

The technology SmartBuild leverages Burrows’ modular, engineered systems to provide you with customizable options for pole barn homes. You can add skylights, explore door options, or compare material prices quickly for your new barndominium. Get a quote fast, and have access to the available post-frame materials and pricing.

If you don’t want to customize every aspect of your barndominium, then you don’t have to. Going with a pre-designed pole barn home kit will save you time by allowing you to build the frame much faster. Once you have the outer shell of your structure, you can get creative with the interiors.

Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply offers a number of post-frame kits in every size that is perfect for designing your next pole barn home. Our team is happy to even deliver the materials right to your construction site.

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#3 Choose Quality Post-Frame Materials

It’s important that when you decide to build a post-frame project that you choose quality building materials. This is even more important when you plan to build a pole barn home since your will be inside the structure and don’t want to risk a structural accident.

The pole barn materials you pick can make or break your barndominium. Make sure you take the location of your construction into account when picking materials that will withstand the elements. In addition, choose those that will make your pole barn more energy efficient to reduce future heating and cooling costs.

When you choose Burrow’s as your pole barn materials supplier you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality post-frame building materials. We manufacture our materials in-house and triple-check everything we produce to ensure that it meets our high-quality standards.

Learn more about why Burrow’s provides the best quality pole barn building materials in our blog about how to find the best quality post-frame kit materials.

#4 Find the Right Contractor for Your Pole Barn Home

However tempting it can be to DIY your barndominium, avoid it — unless, of course, you’re a professional. Hiring a contractor will ensure that your building meets all quality and safety standards while still achieving your vision.

But how do you find the right contractor? You’ve probably heard horror stories about contractors performing a terrible job or even leaving halfway through the job. Leaving the buyers with an unfinished project and the cost of hiring another contractor.

Don’t worry, when you want to build the perfect barndominium for your family just contact Burrow’s. We’ve been in the post-frame building industry for almost 40 years and we work with some of the most reputable contractors around. Our team will connect you to the contractors that are right for your pole barn home project.

Already found a contractor? Then make sure that they use Burrow’s as a post-frame building materials supplier service. We offer some of the highest quality pole barn kits at the most affordable prices around. Plus, our team offers a white glove delivery service for some of the most remote locations.

#5 Determine a Barndominium Budget

If you’re currently on a budget, you might find it’s better to do less when building your barndominium. Consider finishing certain aspects of the building later, like non-structural dividing walls or even additions like a three-season room.

With a pole barn home that is built correctly, you can always add space and other additions later. Planning ahead for possible future expansions will make it much easier to turn your post-frame construction-related ambitions into a tangible reality.

Talk with your contractor to discuss your options when it comes to building your dream pole barn home in steps, and see what post-frame material options there are from Burrow’s. We’re here to help you make your barndominium home a reality.

Getting Started With Your Barndominium

A barndominium is a durable yet chic idea for your primary home or to add as an accessory dwelling unit to your property. If you’ve fallen in love with the thought of building a post-frame construction you can comfortably live in, let Burrow’s Post Frame Supply help you.

We’re your one-stop shop for post-frame building design and materials. Our team of post-frame experts in the post-frame construction business and will connect you with the right contractor to get the job done. With Burrow’s as your post-frame materials supplier you can build a better quality pole barn home, faster! We avoid delays by manufacturing our pole barn supplies in-house.

For more information on how to get started with your barndominium, visit our Burrow’s website and reach out to our experts today!

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