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Why Burrows Is a Reliable Post-Frame Kit Supplier

Ready to start building your next pole barn project for your clients? Sturdy and attractive post-frame barns start with durable lumber and manufactured wood trusses, all part of a ready-to-build pole barn kit. At Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply, we have all these essentials and an impressive range of accessories that contractors need to build a reliable pole barn or other post-frame construction. Keep reading to learn more about why Burrows is a reliable post-frame kit supplier.

As one of the most reliable post-frame kit suppliers in the country, we provide quality products and expertise that help builders construct durable, affordable high-performance structures that will last for decades.

Before you start your next construction project you need to make sure that you’ve found the right construction materials supplier to prevent any delays or disruptions to the build. However, finding a reliable construction company can be easier said than done. Fortunately, many construction companies have discovered the reliability and quality of Burrow’s post-frame construction supplies.

At Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply, we supply builders with everything they need for their next post-frame construction project. We’re a post-frame kit supplier that’s been providing products and expertise to help builders construct quality pole barns and other post-frame structures for many years.

A Strong Track Record in Construction

Located in Fort Gibson, Okla., Burrow’s got its start in 1984 as a post-frame builder ourselves, which means we know exactly what it takes to make sure a construction project goes smoothly. We’ve learned a lot about the post-frame construction business since our early days and we keep improving the way contractors build their projects. As former builders, we have unique insights into the needs, and obstacles our customers face that other suppliers just don’t have.

Now, nearly four decades later, we use all our experience and expertise to provide professional builders with all of the post-frame materials they need to get their jobs done right, on time, and within budget. Contractors understand that partnering with Burrows ensures a project will have quality materials and won’t get held up by supply delays.

We’ve become a leader in our industry as a reliable post-frame material supplier offering the best building supplies and designs. Our offerings include quality post-frame kits and materials as well as supplies and accessories.

Questions to Ask before beginning Contstruction of a Pole Barn by Burrows Post-Frame Supply

We also offer top-of-the-line pole barn kits. With newly-built single-family home prices soaring, these kits have become an affordable alternative. Contractors who turn to us for help on pole barn kits will get all the insights they need on the process of building these popular “barndominiums.”

At Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply, we’re stubborn about quality and performance because we’ve been in the construction business for nearly 40 years and have helped build a large variety of post-frame buildings in that time. We’re also viewed as reputable leaders in our field, and we pass the benefits of our knowledge and experience on to our customers.

Post-Frame Manufacturing and Services

Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply has 130,000 square feet of building space, and all of our post-frame kits are manufactured and constructed in-house, using our own high-quality materials. That means our customers always have access to the type and quantity of supplies they need without the risk of third-party delays holding up a project. We roll-form all the steel panels and trims that we use and sell, so we maintain an extremely high level of quality control.

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Our team members review the components we produce, accepting or rejecting them at any point during the manufacturing process. At the end of production, we do formal product inspections for uniformity of fit and appearance — that’s because we want our finished post-frame buildings to look great for years to come. Our multiple quality checks keep any quality issues from occurring. That’s why contractors know supplies they order from Burrows are reliable.

At Burrow’s, we continue to invest in our roll-formed metal manufacturing capabilities, increasing our efficiency, expanding our range, and streamlining our relationships with construction contractors. Here’s a closer look at some of our offerings.

Design Services

Decrease the amount of time it takes to create the designs for your next post-frame construction. We use dynamic estimating software that helps us adapt to evolving project designs, which helps our customers get accurate quotes quickly, winning more jobs. Our design software is known as Keymark Smartbuild, which improves your design process and reduces the time it takes to design your next project. Visit our website to learn more.

Reliable Ready-to-Assemble Kits

Built by our in-house team, Burrow’s post-frame kits can withstand heavy snowfall and strong winds. These kits as well as our pole barn ones:

  • Meet your local building code
  • Can be customized
  • Integrate trusses that are right for your design
  • Reliable Materials and Supplies

At Burrow’s, we offer a wide range of post-frame materials and supplies, including:

  • Posts
  • Laminated columns of different lengths
  • Girts
  • Grade boards
  • Anchor blocks

Delivery Across USA

Burrow’s fleet of drivers reliably deliver supplies directly on-site. All materials are checked again as they’re loaded from our high-capacity wood truss plant and full-line lumber yard. Our fleet is regularly maintained to ensure that every truck is in top condition, so our customers receive quality post-frame materials punctually wherever they need them.

Customer Service

Our customers constantly turn to us for insights on design, materials, and building because, at Burrow’s, we’re known for providing our contractors with the best supplier support.

Every customer works with one of our knowledgeable coordinators, who advocates for them in all matters, from answering questions to offering solutions that enhance the building processes. Our knowledge coordinators also conduct an on-the-truck verification inspection to prevent errors and omissions, completing our triple-check quality process.

Reliability Guaranteed

As a dependable post-frame kit and materials supplier, Burrow’s provides 40-year original manufacturer’s warranties on all roofing, trim, and siding lines, backing them against fading, color changes, chalking, and peeling in all settings.
Our tough metal roofing and siding help builders create structures that exceed client expectations for decades. We understand the needs of professional builders and contractors and reliably provide them with materials that are developed in-house. This helps our customers avoid the negative impact that supply chain shortages can have on pricing. When you choose Burrow’s, you’ve chosen reliable.

Burrow’s is Here To Help You Build Your Post-Frame Construction Project

With nearly 40 years of experience in the post-frame construction business, Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply is a builder’s one-stop-shop for quality pole barn building materials and accessories. A reliable post-frame kit supplier, we’re the experts that professional builders and contractors can trust, turning to us for advice about water control and even grading. At Burrow’s, we’re always ready to help and can be reached at 800-766-5793 or you can view our selection of post-frame building supplies online.

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