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Top Designs for Barndominum Homes in 2023

New year, new you… new house? As the building and housing market pricing continues to stay high, people building homes are looking to cut costs whenever they can. This has allowed the trend of barndominium homes to gain greater popularity, and with it the top designs for Barndominium homes in 2023!

As the farmhouse modern style has grown, barndominium-style homes have also increased in popularity. For a number of reasons, these practical yet charming barndominium home designs make a lot of sense for someone considering building a new home in 2023 that wants to stay up-to-date on the latest home design trends.

In this blog, we’ll cover all you need to know for your future barndominium and the top trends to follow in 2023 for barndominium homes and designs.

What Is A Barndominium?

Barndominiums, often lovingly referred to as “barndos”, are barn-style buildings that are instead used for residential purposes. The name stems from combining the words “barn” and “condominium.”

Generally, barndominiums feature large rectangular floor plans full of open-concept living space. This allows homeowners to have incredibly customizable floor plans, interior design, and exterior design. These post-frame-style living spaces have been increasing in popularity, but why?

Well, whether you’re new to the lifestyle of barndominium homes, or you have already built one, they have many benefits! Barndominiums are a trending option in new residential construction due to being:

  1. Cost Effective (Low Building Costs and Energy Efficient)
  2. Quicker Turnaround
  3. Sustainable
  4. Easily Customizable
  5. Long-lasting

Barndominiums are made of high-quality materials like wood and steel. These durable post-frame materials help barndominium homes last longer.

A distinct feature about barndominiums is also that their unique design makes them extremely cost-effective. Barndominiums are meant to be practical and functional versus lavish and over-the-top.

Their increased functionality also goes hand in hand with making them naturally sustainable and eco-friendly due to the increased efficiency of heating and cooling. The concise construction allows the residential space to be properly sealed, allowing your barndominium to have a lower budget both during construction and after you have moved in.

To learn more about how to build the best barndominium, check out our leading barndominium guide!

Who to Hire to Build a Barndominium?

Great question! You’ve decided to move forward with your bardominium home, but who will be best to build it?

General contractors are the ones who can build your dream barndominium. They typically specialize in residential building and will be your main guide through the entire building process. We can help point you to some of our general contracting partners if you aren’t sure who to chose to build your perfect barndominium home.

Regardless of who you choose to build it, make sure Burrow’s supplies it! For any barndominum, it’s essential to choose the best materials. Read why builders choose Burrow’s and request us to your contractor today!

Top Designs for Barndominium Homes in 2023

Barndominiums have quickly taken over as the latest and greatest trend in modern country living. Spacious, relaxed, and the perfect mix of rural and chic, this residential trend continues to be on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic.

As barndominiums progress into 2023, here are the trends you should consider if you’re interested in barndominium homes!

1. Barndominium Designs for Ranch Life

Image of Rustic Ranch Barndominium Trend

Whether you actually live on a ranch or just want to feel like you’re a main character in “Yellowstone”, the latest trend for barndominium homes will fulfill your wildest cowboy dreams either way.

For a ranch-style home, natural materials are the way to go. This trend often features exposed steel, brick, wood, stone, or concrete.

The open floorplans in these mid-west style homes will help to showcase the interior decor that typically picks up on southwest ties and outdoor living. With this barndominium interior design style, rustic doesn’t always mean rough when it comes to this 2023 trend.

2. Country Chic Barndominium Homes

Image of Country Chic Barndominium Trend 1

If you mark the pages on your Southern Living magazine, then this trend for barndominium homes is for you!

Country chic styles are great for barndominium designs, especially for potential homeowners who want to stay true to their southern roots but also add character to their homes. Open airy spaces make barndominium homes perfect for this trend.

With a clean and crisp feel being the aesthetic, country chic homes feature classy wallpapers, soft florals, soft greens and blues, and white subway tiles.

Round out your home with antique country accent pieces. The perfect example of this is to complete your country-style kitchen with a classic farmhouse sink. As we all know, in any country-style barndominium, the kitchen is where the magic happens. Spacious and classic, a farmhouse sink will add great character to your kitchen space for all your guests to see.

3. Cabin-Style Post-Frame Construction

Image of Cabin Style Barndominium Trend 2023

It doesn’t get any more rustic than a cabin in the woods! Feeling connected to the outdoors is an important part of life for some homeowners, and barndominium homes are the perfect way to bring this mindset into your interior design as well.

As with any cabin-style home, exposed logs give this barndominium design its unique look. With other natural wood features, comfortable furniture, and a stunning fireplace, cabin-style barndominium designs allow your forever home to always feel like a vacation getaway.

4. Modern Industrial Farmhouse Barndominium Style

Image of Modern Farmhouse Barndominium Trend 1

While country charm is quaint, sometimes a good thing needs to be updated to the current times. This has led to barndominium homes and the farmhouse modern interior design trend going hand in hand.

Modern barndominium designs take the relaxed, rustic farmhouse style and liven it up with modern touches. By using contemporary design aspects like smooth lines, dark metal details, and neutral color schemes, it helps to turn barndominium homes into sophisticated spaces.

5. Minimalist Barndominium Designs

Image of Minimalist Barndominium Trend 1

With large open spaces and a function-over-form design, barndominium home designs are the perfect way to achieve a minimalist style home.

To complete this barndominium interior design trend, make those open spaces feel even airier with neutral white and beige wall paint. Limit your decor to neutral pieces as well and don’t go overboard. For minimalists – less is always more.

Comfy furniture adds a great spot to relax in these calming barndominium homes. Adding modern furniture and accent rugs with geometric lines gives the space an architectural aesthetic.

6. Barndominum Homes Are Going Coastal

Image of Coastal Barndominium Trend 1

Blue is in – again! Classy and adaptive, shades of blue throughout your barndominium home allow for a range of barndominium interior design styles.

A shiplap accent wall is a great way to take your barndominium in a coastal direction. Add in some coastal or water-based landscape artwork to tie into your theme, while blue and white wallpaper adds fun to any room. Pops of red, yellow, and green are good to incorporate with the primary color to show how living near the water is always a great time!

Products Burrow’s Offers For Professional Barndominum Homes

As you can tell, the customization of barndominium homes is endless and goes way beyond just these top 6 trends for 2023. But, with whatever style suits you best, make sure you choose the right materials for your barndominium home.

At Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply, we pride ourselves on our quality materials. As industry professionals, we want to make sure the barndominium of your dreams is made with the best products – our products.

With a wide range of materials, software, and experience, we have what it takes to make sure your project can be completed to the highest standard.

1. Barndominium Kits

Our barndominium kits offer affordability, ease of use, and increased savings for both contractors and their clients. Our top pole barn kits are manufactured in-house, code-compliant, and entirely customizable.

When building your barndominium, personalizing it to your needs is important. With our custom barndominium and pole barn kits, you can choose a reliable source for your materials. Check out our recent guide on our pole barn and barndominium kits to learn more!

2. Custom Trusses

Burrow’s custom trusses can range from 4 to 80 feet in length, and are engineered for increased durability for snow and wind loading specifications. We offer different styles of wood trusses, allowing common, scissor, gambrel, and more to be available for your customized barndominium design supplies.

This top-rated product is delivered to you safely and on time as well with our in-house professional delivery service. Make sure your barndominium gets the support it needs from Burrow’s custom trusses.

3. Exterior Windows and Doors

Exterior Windows From Burrows 1

Barndominiums are already cost-effective post-frame buildings, but with the right exterior products, you can make them even more cost-effective by being energy efficient.

This is why Burrow’s offers a range of exterior products. High-quality doors including our Plyco Series 99 doors allow for your barndominium home to properly shield all entryways, while our vinyl or aluminum windows keep all other openings sealed tight.

Our windows include grid and insulated glass options, and our Krestmark windows are even available in impact, low-e, no internal grid, or custom internal grid styles. Ready to go, Burrow’s keeps standard white clear glass windows in stock at all times.

4. Metal Siding

Burrows Metal Siding 2

While our top barndominium trends had a lot to do with the inside of your home, how the outside looks is just as important! Without a doubt, Burrow’s offers the best Valspar paint for pole barn buildings, which is why our painted meal siding comes complete with a 40-year warranty.

Besides our amazing warranty, this silicone-modified paint shrinks and stretches with your metal, preventing your Valspar metal siding from changing color, cracking, peeling, or fading over time. This helps to make your exterior metal siding investment worthwhile for your barndominium home due to the longevity of this product.

Interested in ordering from us? Read more about the top products that Burrow’s supplies in our recent blog to see what materials we can help provide for your project!

Seal The Deal with Burrow’s SmartBuild Software

Barndominums make it easier for you to build, and we make things easier for you to order! With our software, gone are the days when contractors have to spend hours figuring out an accurate estimate and then recalculating for every change your customer wants more information on. We are here to please you and your client, so we’ve designed software to simplify the process by combining your calculations and ordering into one system.

With SmartBuild, you simply input your customer’s parameters, and the platform spits out post-frame building 3D images, construction drawings, and estimates for materials and costs. You save time and gain sales with only a few clicks!

SmartBuild can help contractors by providing:

  • Real-time interactive 3D input
  • Automatic framing
  • Comprehensive cut list
  • Bid and order compilation
  • Automatically generated construction drawings
  • Customizable database for your bids and contracts
  • Automated sales contracts

When your clients are happy, that means our clients are happy. Streamlining the process allows a win-win for everybody. Check out our previous guide to our SmartBuild software or try it for yourself today!

Burrow’s Is Your One-Stop Shop For Barndominums Homes

From our products, to our services, to our software, Burrow’s is out to set the standard for barndominium home suppliers.

A new home is important to any client. Making sure that space is safe and built using the best materials is our top priority.

Burrow’s is a supplier for small and large contractors alike with top-tier post-frame barndominium building supplies across Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and beyond. Our dedicated team allows us to support your next project in any way we can.

Let’s get your barndominium built right! Contact our team today, and rest easy knowing your dream barndominium home project is in Burrow’s hands.

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