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The Best Pole Barn Design Software: Why Contractors Choose SmartBuild

More projects mean more money, but that also means more to manage. But rushing doesn’t produce your best work, and at Burrow’s, we want our clients to succeed. It’s time to work smarter, not harder, with the industry’s best pole barn design software – SmartBuild.

Construction is a traditional trade that alleviates an instinctual human need: finding and providing shelter. While technological advancements have made carpentry and construction easier, there’s a new wave of pole barn design software that is simple to learn and user-friendly.

It’s time for the construction industry to level up! By using the best pole barn design software on the market, SmartBuild, you’ll be able to efficiently manage your materials, clients, costs, post-frame construction, and more!

Less headache and more profit… who doesn’t want that? Read on to see how this win-win pole barn design software offers the solution contractors have been searching for.

How Can Post-Frame Building Design Software Help Your Company?

Post Frame Building Design Software

Construction is a physically demanding job. Besides the exertion required every day, being on-site means questions, phone calls, and loud noise non-stop. It is hard to mentally be at your best to successfully project manage.

While learning new software is the last thing on your punch-out list, taking the time to expand your professional development could help your business in more ways than one. Besides, the best pole barn design software is incredibly easy to integrate into your daily life.

Over the years, Burrow’s has seen pole building design software help contractors:

  • Become more organized
  • Provide more accurate quotes, resulting in better business
  • Have time to plan ahead
  • Streamline processes that otherwise took too long
  • Increase by 50% in deals closed
  • Increase annual sales by 10%
  • Enjoy their job again

Looking for ways to excel more in one or more of these areas? Burrow’s is ready to help you succeed with SmartBuild!

What Pole Barn Design Software Is Commonly Used?

In today’s day and age, technology is king. With a simple google search of “what is the best software for contractors?”, you’ll quickly see there is a program for everything. But does it have exactly what you need as a post-frame construction manager?

Well, we’ve done the research for you to help you decide. The top software currently available is:

  • CAD Pro: great for design but only helps with the visual aspect. No built-in quoting system or materials checklist. Difficult to learn and more based on architectural industry needs.
  • Sketchup: visually dominant as well. Not as in-depth as CAD but have to pay for better features. Industrial and education-focused.
  • Timberlyne: 3D can be helpful but this watered-down version is consumer-focused, not contractor. Lacks in-depth variables to properly estimate materials, quotes, and project scope.

While all of these design software options can be helpful in certain ways, each one is lacking one or more of the crucial elements that contractors need. While it can be frustrating not being able to find a solution to fit your business model, don’t give up yet. SmartBuild is the one pole barn design software that has everything you’re looking for.

What Are The Benefits of Burrow’s SmartBuild Software?

Burrows SmartBuild Software

As an industry professional, Burrow’s is familiar with all of the previously listed post-frame design software. None of them have come close to competing with SmartBuild for the position of best pole barn design software.

SmartBuild was truly designed with contractors in mind. Providing quality doesn’t just extend to our products, but to every service we provide our contracting partners, which is why Burrow’s is proud to offer SmartBuild access.

By being designed with the contractor in mind, SmartBuild has benefits that no other pole building design software has. This is what sets it apart and makes it the best pole barn design software for your post-frame construction projects and process.

1. Use Post-Frame Design Software to Quickly Build Quotes and Bids

SmartBuild helps post-frame construction managers quickly gather all of the information they need. Quotes are quickly set up with the specific credentials custom to each individual site, helping your communication with subcontractors and clients.

Plus, we all know that in a hot market, bids go fast. You have to be ready to get your company’s name in front of a potential client quickly since there are a number of companies fighting for the same spot. Consistently landing high-paying post-frame construction bids helps you afford your payroll overhead, produce work for your employees, and continue to expand your portfolio and business.

Creating and delivering quotes quickly and easily takes a large responsibility off your plate. Turning hours of work into minutes will free you up for more pressing matters on-site, better client communication, and remaining competitive in a saturated market.

2. Improve Construction Project Management with Design Software

With any business, when it comes to accounting, finances, and budgeting it can be difficult to keep track of it all.

SmartBuild helps manage post-frame projects effectively and efficiently from start to finish. With quotes, proposals, and material lists generated in the same spot, you can keep better tabs on the progression of a project. This helps manage your resources to ensure that the proposed time frame and budget are being met.

Letting expenses get out of hand is an easy way to quickly rack up debt and crush profits. Use SmartBuild to make sure your post-frame construction reaches completion on time and on budget.

While keeping count of your materials is important, so is using the right ones. Quality product build quality pole barns that keep your clients happy and your company growing. Check out our recent blog to see Burrow’s best pole barn supplies for your post-frame project!

3. Flexibility in Post-Frame Design

Clients frequently change their minds on a whim, and the final decision they make often comes down to either price or time frame. Now you can give them a reliable answer for both.

With SmartBuild’s in-depth analysis, you can easily swap numbers and plug in different inputs. This helps you provide better customer service by being able to quickly offer multiple solutions at various price points while also adapting quotes as client needs and project scope changes.

4. 3D Post-Frame Construction Rendering

3D Post Frame Construction Rendering Software

Burrow’s has years of post-frame construction industry experience, and we know you do too. With experience comes an understanding of construction that can be hard for others to understand, especially your clients.

Verbal explanations can make things even more confusing. This is why it is always helpful to be able to provide visual examples for clients and subcontractors.

With SmartBuild’s detailed 3D renderings, customers will be able to fully understand your process and what their pole barn or barndominium will look like. Not only does this establish trust with your clients, but it also shows your knowledge, and professionalism, and ensures that realistic expectations are met throughout the entirety of the project.

5. All You Need In One Spot

Nobody likes chasing down missing receipts. SmartBuild is the best pole barn design software due to the intangible benefit that it is a one-stop shop.

Client documentation and materials are organized for every post-frame construction site. Quotes and proposals are easy to create and send.

Contractors can easily access SmartBuild directly through Burrow’s website with their own personalized log-in. By doing so, and establishing a contractor partnership, your profile is directly connected for streamlining orders from a Burrow’s coordinator.

By having all the necessary information, documentation, and processes in one spot, contractors can limit their mistakes, increase their quality of service, and focus on the main task at hand: constructing amazing post-frame buildings.

6. Free Estimates With Our Pole Barn Design Software

We truly mean it when we say we want to help in any way we can. At Burrow’s, we offer access to our SmartBuild post-frame design software because we’re here to help the middleman. SmartBuild makes everything simplified for everyone in post-frame construction, from clients to subcontractors, to project managers and more.

Interested in using SmartBuild to build smarter? Get in touch with our knowledgeable sales representatives today to review partnership pricing and open the door to free estimates. Utilize the best pole barn design software available and see how you can begin to reap the rewards!

Build Better Projects With The Best Pole Barn Software – Use SmartBuild

While technology can be hard to adapt to, SmartBuild seamlessly fits into your enterprise because it’s built to meet contractors’ needs. While you handle the construction, Burrow’s is out to prove that we have the best pole barn supplies – and the best pole barn design software.

We’re stubborn about quality, and that standard extends to our products, our services, and our technology. As a supplier for small and large contractors alike, with top-tier post-frame building supplies, we know that every little thing helps.

With nationwide delivery available, we want to help your post-frame construction in any way we can. Contact Burrow’s today to get your SmartBuild account set up now!

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