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How SmartBuild Can Help Your Pole Barn Construction Business Succeed

Business success is more likely when you can provide pole barn construction estimates in as little as 20 minutes. The SmartBuild digital design platform enables you to design your customer’s post-frame construction dream, provide a bid, and have them sign the contract in the first meeting. 

Gone are the days when you had to burn the midnight oil, spending hours with pen and paper figuring out an accurate estimate and then recalculating for every change your customer wants more information on. 

With SmartBuild, you simply input your customer’s parameters, and the platform spits out post-frame building 3D images, construction drawings, and estimates for materials and costs. You save time and gain sales. Changes take only a few clicks.

Providing customer access to SmartBuild on your website gives you leads that are better qualified and closer to signing a contract because they’ve already designed what they want and are familiar with the platform.

How SmartBuild Features Can Benefit You

SmartBuild can help you in more ways than just saving time. We’ve shared seven important features that will give you an edge when it comes to making sales, ordering materials, and getting to work faster:

  • Real-time interactive 3D input: As you input changes in post-frame construction designs, SmartBuild automatically updates the 3D image so you can instantly see the changes on the computer screen. Customers can easily see what their pole barn will look like in any configuration.
  • Automatic framing: Users can automatically frame their pole barn construction design to know the exact framing materials they’ll need. SmartBuild’s frame view displays the positions of all posts and trusses.
  • Comprehensive cut list: SmartBuild automatically reflects any changes in building design in the cut list for sheathing and trim so that the user can easily calculate material and labor costs.
  • Bid and order compilation: SmartBuild’s custom user database compiles a bid and order, generating user time savings. You can deliver bids during meetings to close sales, and your team can go to work faster.
  • Construction drawings: Automatically generated construction drawings keep everyone informed and working together without waiting for hand-drawn plans.
  • Customizable database: You can customize SmartBuild’s database to reflect your costs and prices so that it automatically calculates the correct figures for bids and contracts.
  • Automated sales contracts: SmartBuild automatically populates sales contracts and emails them. Your customers can sign contracts in the same meeting they design their structure in.

With SmartBuild, contractors can complete the entire process of design, bidding, signing a contract, and generating orders in minutes instead of hours or days, and keep everyone instantly updated on changes.

Planning Your Post-Frame Structure With SmartBuild

SmartBuild makes planning your customer’s dream post-frame construction project a breeze. Aim to discover and identify customer wants. It’s important to make sure you ask your customer the right questions:

  • What interior features do they need? Do they want vehicle storage, a bathroom, office space, or a ventilated paint room? Knowing about needed vehicle storage and work or recreational areas gives you the building size. Adding 30% for future growth is wise.
  • What will be stored in the building? How tall and wide are the items? Knowing this gives you the needed dimensions for doors and open spans. 
  • What external features do they need? Do they want a porch, awnings, windows, or side doors? Do they prefer overhead doors or sliding doors?
  • Are additional buildings required? Do they want cupolas or lean-tos around the main building? 

You can even make a rough sketch of your customer’s needs, or simply start populating SmartBuild’s overhead view with each feature as your customer talks with you. Seeing their dream taking shape on the screen generates enthusiasm and will make it easier to sell added features and close the deal in the first meeting.

SmartBuild lets you choose building dimensions, roof peak, colors, wainscot, ceiling liner, and interior wall liners. By clicking the door and window tab on the right side, you can set up framing and trim for them. Using frame view in the top menu gives your customer an idea about the number of trusses and posts and their placement. 

It’s easy to add doors and windows with just a few clicks. If you switch the view to shell, your customer can see what their design looks like.

With the help of SmartBuild, it’s easier to see the customizations that are being chosen, like the door and window sizes and placement. You can even see what overhead or slider doors would look like. The best part is, if your customer wants changes, they’re only a few clicks away.

Need a lean-to, awning, or porch? Show your customer the changes on-screen. As you help your customers design their dreams, SmartBuild works in the background to make changes to materials and cut lists, and constantly updates the bid price.

Integrate SmartBuild Onto Your Website

SmartBuild is a powerful addition to your website. Your visitors will be able to create their pole barn construction plan and tinker with it until they’re happy. They come into the sales process with a better, more educated sense of what they want.

Customers who have used SmartBuild on your website will already be familiar with it when you use it in meetings with them. Another advantage to having SmartBuild on your website is that it generates more, better-qualified leads for your business. You can even learn more about why we love working with SmartBuild.

Closing Deals Is Fast and Easy With SmartBuild

Custom designing your customer’s post-frame construction plan with them in SmartBuild allows you to demonstrate your expertise and build your relationship. As you go through the design steps, you’re building trust and moving closer to signing the contract. With SmartBuild you can have the following for a quote to reference when the customer is ready to start building. 

The quote will include some of the following information: 

  • Building style
  • Roof style and pitch
  • Doors and windows, both styles and sizes
  • 3D model
  • Framing
  • Materials list
  • Pricing
  • Construction drawings

When your customer is happy with their plan, Smart Build automatically generates the contract so you can close the deal immediately. 

SmartBuild is so simple and easy to use that anyone can quickly design a post frame construction project with the dimensions and features they desire. Try SmartBuild and find out for yourself how great it is. 

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