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Everything You Need to Know About Series 99 Plyco Doors

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While planning your pole barn, there will be numerous details to “hammer out.” While pole barns are an economical choice regardless of what they will be used for, one way to make your post-frame building save you even more money is by choosing Plyco Doors, Series 99.

Who really cares about a door? Well, you should! When you choose Plyco Doors for your pole barn accessories, you are choosing an easy way to be cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and effectively seal the inside of your pole barn from elemental wear and tear. In turn, this all saves you money, and you can rest assured that you didn’t overlook an important decision.

Properly sealing your post-frame pole barn not only allows your existing structure to last longer, but also protects whatever items may be stored inside it. In this blog, we’ll go over how Plyco Doors are the right choice for your pole barn – and your pocket!

What Are Series 99 Plyco Doors?

Plyco doors are an easy, cheap way to insulate a pole barn. While a quick solution, with the Series 99 Plyco exterior doors, you won’t be cutting any corners to complete your post-frame project.

What Are Plyco-Insulated Exterior Doors Made Of?

These exterior utility doors are made with 27 gauge galvanized steel. The edge is rolled with aluminum core trails, meaning rust is the last of your worries. At 1.75” thick, the core of these insulated exterior doors is straight polyurethane foam, featuring an R13 insulation level.

Plyco Doors Installation Options

The jamb options include standard, slide-in j-trim, or slide-in nailing flange. We highly recommend installation with the simple slide-in j-trim, leaving you more time for other aspects of the project.

Series 99 Plyco doors also come in a wide range of sizes. From 2/6 x 6/8, all the way up to 8/0 x 7/0, you can bet that Plyco has an available door option to suit your pole barn needs.

How Do Plyco Pole Barn Doors Prevent Weather Infiltration?

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Plyco doors naturally create a tight seal. Featuring weather fins on the top and bottom of each door, these ensure that even the tiniest of openings are blocked.

Among the other doorway fittings, the hinges are 4×4 zinc-plated steel. Extremely durable, this type of hinge prevents wracking from occurring.

With this hinge, plus two fin and bulb weather seals on the top and bottom of each door, and a flush latch plate, Plyco’s Series 99 doors provide a solid boundary from water, wind, and other damaging natural elements.

Choose Plyco as your exterior insulated door option. They increase insulation, which leads to better energy efficiency, increased longevity for your stored items and building itself, and more money in your pocket. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?!

The material list for a pole barn can be extensive. If your project is in need of materials other than insulated pole barn doors, Burrow’s has numerous other high-quality pole barn building materials they can also provide as pole barn accessories.

What Are The Benefits of Series 99 Plyco Insulated Exterior Doors?

Burrow’s is proud to offer Plyco Series 99 doors. As a leading post-frame supplier and manufacturer, we understand the importance of each and every component that goes into your pole barn building. We wouldn’t offer a product we wouldn’t first use ourselves.

The benefits of the Series 99 Plyco doors make them a great choice for any post-frame project. The perks of Plyco doors are that they are:

  • Long-lasting
  • Economical
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance

While tailored to your liking, pole barn buildings and pole barn homes are gaining popularity due to their functionality and efficiency. To enclose your post-frame building, you don’t need the fanciest door money can buy; you just need one that will get the job done right!

With these extensive benefits, it is clear to see that Plyco Series 99 doors can completely fulfill your insulated exterior door needs. And Burrow’s is here to deliver it! Our building supplier services allow us to promptly assist with estimates, custom pieces, material orders, and quick shipping.

What Post-Frame Buildings Can Use Plyco Series 99 Insulated Pole Barn Doors?

The answer to that question showcases another benefit to Plyco doors. They can be utilized in any post-frame building, including barndominiums!

While there are many considerations to think of when determining the use of your pole barn, it doesn’t matter if your pole building will be used for agricultural, industrial, commercial, equestrian, or residential reasons – Plyco doors are a great option for an insulated exterior door for all!

Plyco Doors Are Great for Residential Use in Barndominiums

red barndominium pole barn home in the fall

As pole barns have become more popular for their cost-effectiveness and functionality, so has the modern farmhouse aesthetic. As this trend continues to boom, it has led to a rise in country chic homes being built following this style, particularly barndominium kits.

Barndominiums allow the perfect happy medium to exist between a pole barn and a home. It is a post-frame structure, just designed to have the floor plan and layout used in a more residential way. As the post-frame supply industry leader, Burrow’s knows how to build the best barndominium to live your contemporary country lifestyle to the fullest!

Yet, as a structure with more of a residential purpose, it is even more important to critically choose your pole barn home components. You always want to build within a budget, but that budget doesn’t end for families after their barndominium is finished.

As a Fortune 500 industry leader, government-backed Energy Star states, “Sealing air leaks around your home and adding insulation are two of the most cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency and comfort in your home.” Choosing Series 99 Plyco doors to help seal your exterior will save you money!

Made with durable steel and aluminum, they will last throughout any weather. Plus, being an insulated exterior sealant through its foam core design, Plyco doors make your home more cost-efficient by not wasting heat in the winter or AC in the summer.

Picking your pole barn home accessories is fun. While doors are essential, so is color! Make sure your barndominium or pole barn home is exactly the shade you want with Burrow’s Valspar painted metal siding. Complete with a 40-year warranty, and using high-quality Valspar paint, your future pole barn home design options have never been better.

Other Plyco Door Option, the Series 95 Plyco Door

While the Series 99 Plyco door is a great option for your post-frame building or barndominium, it isn’t the only Plyco door option offered by Burrow’s post-frame supply!

There is also a Series 95 Plyco Door option. The Series 95 is unique from the Series 99 in that it has a 16-gauge steel frame with inserted, not glued, QLON weather seals. This other series of Plyco door is an ideal option that doesn’t come with a significantly higher price tag. In fact, The price difference between the Series 99E and Series 95 is nominal!

If you are interested in exploring the various options for Plyco Doors, contact Burrow’s team and we will be happy to assist you.

Plyco Doors For Sale at Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply

Whether building a pole barn or a barndominium, be smart with the pole barn accessories that you pick out. While post-frame structures naturally have longevity, choosing the right pole barn supplies increases that lifespan even more.

Let Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply open the door to saving you more money with Series 99 Plyco doors. Backed by years of industry experience, and employing knowledgeable staff, Burrow’s is the leading supplier and manufacturer of barndominium kits, pole barns, and everything in between.

With our modern SmartBuild design technology and fully equipped 130,00 square foot facility, any build can be done with us. Contact a top post-frame supplier today and see how Burrow’s can help with your pole barn project!

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