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Choose the Right Post-Frame Builder

Start your post-frame project off right by hiring the right builder. While you may meet handymen and builders who say they will get your building up fast and for a cheap price, it’s better to find someone who will take their time and make sure the project is done right the first time. Those builders, who work quickly and are cheaper are most likely using basic building kits from their local home supply stores and hammering them together in their spare time. 

Tips On How To Get The Builder You Want

  • Get References – We couldn’t recommend this more. At Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply we can recommend many highly proven and professional post-frame builders in your area. Once you get the references, we encourage you to talk with some of their customers. Professional builders will be glad to offer such references, precisely because they are respected professionals.
  • See a Similar Structure You’re Considering On Building – If possible, we suggest visiting a structure similar to the one you’re building. The National Frame Building Association(NFBA) is highly accredited, and they provide builders with the ongoing education they need to stay informed of the best practices. We also suggest considering a company with someone on staff that has passed the International Code Council’s National Standard General Building Contractor test.
  • Builders Insurance – Make sure your builder has legitimate insurance and they can provide a certificate of it, verifying coverage for workers compensation and general liability insurance. A copy of the certificate is usually issued by the builder’s insurance agent at no cost to you or the builder. It should be available to you within one to three days.
  • Better Business Bureau – You can also call the BBB to learn of any complaints lodged about the builders you are considering. 
  • Ask For Estimates In Writing – We always recommend asking for any estimates you receive in writing, so there is a paper trail of what has been looked at and estimated for the project. You can then discuss anything that looks vague with the builder. A rushed quote based on cursory discussion often results in a building that comes up short and leaves your building unfinished.

Work With Burrow’s Supply To Find a Great Builder 

As you’re closing in on the builder selection, one last tip for you is to ask the leading candidates to clearly explain the process you’ll undertake together to smoothly and cost-effectively deliver your new building. The right builder will cover much of the information contained in our Top 10 Tips for Buying a Pole Barn guide, and you’ll know what to expect.

Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply can help you find the right builder for your next pole barn or post frame structure. With our knowledge and resources, you can find the right builder, supplies, and tools you need for your next building. You can learn more about our resources and what we specialize in on our Quality Materials page or by contacting us today.

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