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11 Questions To Ask In the Beginning Phases of Building a Pole Barn or Other Outbuilding

Choosing a contractor for post-frame construction, a pole barn, or other outbuildings, is a huge decision for clients. But, as a contractor, you also have a saying in determining whether you’re a good fit to work on a specific project. After all, you and your team will be responsible for satisfying the customer’s needs, so you need to make sure their requests are within your possibilities.

Knowing the correct questions to ask in the beginning phases of building a pole barn or other outbuilding will help save time and money and ensure you and the client are on the same page. If you need some inspiration, here’s are some sample question ideas provided by experts in pole barn building that you should implement in your building process. Please note that our team uses the term pole barn building interchangeably with post-frame construction and other outbuildings, like garages or storage barns.

What Are You Looking For in a Pole Barn Builder?

To be able to meet the client’s expectations you need to know what they are first. It’s vital to ask what they need from you so that you can determine if you’re a good match. Ask your client to be as thorough as needed to avoid any surprises along the way.

Clear expectations from the very beginning of building a pole barn will create a much smoother and easier project for everyone involved. A project without any hiccups will also likely result in a more satisfied customer that is willing to leave a positive review about their experience and recommend you to other customers they know.

choosing the correct pole barn builder is critical

What’s Your Pole Barn Budget?

Learning what your client’s budget is will help determine a realistic scope of work. It will also allow you to decide what type of building materials you’ll use and offer your customers alternatives that won’t break the bank for them. Burrow’s Post Frame Supply offers quality lumber and other essential construction materials to match any price point when building a pole barn.

When Are You Looking To Start/Finish the Pole Barn Project?

Depending on the purpose of the pole barn building, your client might have a very specific timeline in mind. Make sure you understand it before you commit to accepting the project. If you’re not able to meet the customer’s deadline expectations, you can always help them set more realistic ones.

Do You Have Any Project Inspiration You Can Share With Us?

Some customers find it challenging to explain their exact vision, so having visual aids can help. Seeing the concept of the final pole barn building might be needed. It will help you decide if you want to get on board and give suggestions of what you think would work best for your customer in terms of budget and functionality.

Are There Other Contractors Involved in This Project?

Some clients decide to hire multiple subcontractors for different aspects of the construction projects. You’ll need to know if that will be the case so that you can coordinate with all the teams involved. Failure to coordinate efficiently can create friction during the post-frame construction project and even ultimately result in delays, something that’s sure to be unpopular with your client.

What Will You Be Using This Post-Frame Construction For?

A post-frame builder project can be for many different purposes. Creating a post-frame construction to function as an equine riding arena or stables is much different than a pole barn used to house racing equipment like cars or ATVs. Learning what your clients will be using theirs for is vital to define numerous aspects of the project. It will allow you to suggest materials and pinpoint technical specifications the customer might be overlooking.

Will This Be Pole Barn Be Climate Controlled?

Depending on the purpose of the pole barn structure, it may or may not need climate control. You should ask your clients if they’ve already considered this factor and suggest options if not. With variable weather conditions, it might be essential to install climate controls to protect the materials or livestock within the post-frame construction.

Will You Need Plumbing in the Building?

Likewise, you must learn if your client will need to install sinks and toilets in their post-frame building to act accordingly. Understanding the purpose of the pole barn building can also help you suggest this option if your client hasn’t considered it.

Are There Any Requirements from the City, County, or HOA To Be Aware Of?

To ensure project success you must always be compliant with certain rules. Every city and county may have different regulations when it comes to job sites and construction work. If you’re working in an area you’re unfamiliar with, make sure you ask about this factor to avoid any potential problems. You don’t want a rule or ordinance derailing the pole barn project that could have easily been looked up prior to starting.

Do Our Accepted Payment Methods Work for You?

You don’t want to start working on a project before you find out your customer’s not comfortable using checks or paying with a card. Make sure to discuss this and any money-related topics upfront — which brings us to the next and final question.

Do You Need Financing for Your Pole Barn?

Asking clients about payment can be awkward, but it’s necessary to avoid nasty surprises and unnecessary conflict. Ask your clients where their funding is coming from and if they have considered any financing options. Make sure to put this all on paper so that there’s no room for payment disputes for insufficient funds.

Final Remarks About Building a Pole Barn

This guide provided by pole barn building experts should answer all of the most important questions to ask in the beginning phases of building a pole barn or other outbuilding. Knowing what to ask new and existing customers at the beginning of the construction process ensures that everything runs smoothly when you start building a pole barn. Once all questions have been answered, and you’re ready to get started working on a project, you’ll need to find a trustworthy supplier that will make your building a pole barn as easy as possible!

Choosing the Best in the Pole Barn Builder Business

Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply works closely with pole barn construction builders and strives to provide them with quality materials and tools. Tell us how we can help your business. Visit our site to see our wide variety of pole barn building materials and services available, and reach out to us today!

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