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The Best Ways To Promote Your Pole Barn Business

Pole barn marketing can be very successful when you use a strong marketing approach. Marketing for your pole barn business means using multiple tools with a well thought out strategy and a unified message across all platforms.

The foundation of successful pole barn marketing is your brand purpose statement. In only a few words, this statement sums up your reason for being in the pole barn construction business. Maybe you:

  • Love the challenge of building the best possible structure
  • Enjoy partnering with diverse people on different sites
  • Have the best construction team

Try to frame your brand purpose in a way that motivates your customers and alleviates their fears. When you have a good brand purpose, creating successful marketing messages becomes much more straightforward. We’re sharing some of the best ways you can promote your pole barn business and ways to leverage the channels you already have.

Utilize Your Pole Barn Business Website For Marketing 

A professionally designed website will form a functional, versatile core for your pole barn marketing efforts. You’ll have a place to drive traffic, present your marketing message, and enable customers to contact you.

A simple site is enough, but it needs to be well designed because it creates an instant impression of your pole barn construction business. Ensure that you have these essential website pages that you can promote including:

  • A home page is where you should display your brand purpose and a brief, illustrated story about what you do and why, along with the services you provide to builders who partner with you for their post-frame construction projects.
  • A contact page will list where your potential customers can find you and request more information. You can even include a chat function that will make interactions instant and easy.
  • An about page is the ideal place to highlight results your customers have seen presented in a way that illustrates your commitment to them and showcases your strengths.
  • A blog with engaging content to create an image of knowledgeable authority regarding pole barn construction—well-written SEO articles can dominate local search, so you can get free, organic traffic
  • A service/product page might seem like a no brainer to promote, but it’s crucial to include this page into your marketing strategy, it’s even better if you have a few different services that you offer and you can promote those in rotation.
  • A case studies page with testimonials, sharing this will help potential customers get to know you and your work better. You can even create some engaging graphics with the testimonials, and change up the way you share the content.

Driving Traffic to Your Website Using Traditional and Digital Media

Determining what type of medium your customers use will help define your strategy and ultimately make your marketing efforts successful. You’re not just targeting pole barn builders and post-frame construction companies, but you’re also marketing your business to the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Residential Construction
  • Public works
  • Institutional

Each of the industries may use different marketing tools and find their partners in different ways, such as forms of traditional and digital media to find you. Advertising professionals recommend splitting your budget and resources between both media types and strategizing slightly different content to cater to potential customers.

Some professionals in the above industries prefer to get their information from traditional media sources like ads in local newspapers and trade magazines, along with spots on local radio and TV. While other professionals will look to digital media for their information, platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube and more.

  • If your customers are on Facebook—as residential construction customers are likely to be—a Facebook business page, ads, and relevant groups are where you should put your marketing resources. 
  • Google Ads are great for targeting your local area, and with a good strategy, budget and ads they can often get your business at the top of search results and bring quick traffic, meaning you can reach all market segments. There is a lot more that goes into success with Google Ads though, including a good website, keywords and engaging content.
  • Paying a professional to set up local SEO can be a wise investment. Search Engine Optimization will take some time to start producing measurable amounts of organic traffic. Inputting keywords and key phrases into your website content, can help your company be found and help potential customers decide if you’re the company they want to work with. 
  • Twitter is not a platform for everyone, but it will give you insights into current events and consumer opinions regarding post-frame construction. The social media platform is a great place to get social media and website content ideas and find out the construction industry news. 
  • On Instagram, you’ll be able to share images and videos of your product(s) and previous jobs. The social media platform is all about hashtags, so you may even find some hashtags that are relevant to your business. They’ll help you find similar content and see what works best. Also, because Facebook and Instagram are related, you can run ads on Instagram, leveraging that social media platform for your business.
  • YouTube might be a platform you want to utilize. You can post longer videos about post-frame construction, building tips and more. You can even create some video content about your products and services, along with your previous jobs. This platform is just another way for your potential customers to find you, especially if they’re not entirely sure on what they need.
  • Another piece of advice we have is create customer testimonial videos. These are extremely helpful to potential customers, where they can decipher if they’ll have success with you. This piece of content is great across all social media platforms, as it’s content that can be used time and time again. But you can also include these videos on your website, or in emails and newsletters you send to your customers. 

Marketing Your Pole Barn Business on Platforms That Matter

When creating your marketing strategy, it’s important to think about where your audience is. You don’t need to be marketing your business on every platform and pushing out content everyday. We suggest having a strong strategy and schedule in place so you’re only putting out the best content, on platforms where your potential customers will engage with you. Another important piece of information to keep in mind is to not send mixed messages. Keep your message consistent across the platforms your business is one. Keeping it consistent will create a positive, identifiable brand image that people come to associate with your pole barn construction business. Having a strong brand purpose and reflecting that purpose throughout all messages helps you avoid mixed messaging. Not sure what to promote for your pole barn business, or where to get started? Our website and social media pages have some great examples of many of the strategies discussed in this post.

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