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How to Determine the Style of Your Post Frame Building

In a previous blog post, we discussed how to determine the wants and needs of your next post frame building. The next step in the process should be determining the style of your building.

On a basic level, if your building is toward the back of your property you may not care so much about the style of architecture. However, if your building will be seen by anyone who drives by your property then it’s important to have a great style and layout for your post frame building.

When you work with Burrow’s our goal is to not just create an additional functional place you can store tools and equipment, but it’s also to create a space that will enhance the value of your property in terms of livability and curb appeal. 

Style has many interpretations and your building can be designed just the way you want it. When working with our clients, we discuss many considerations to help determine the final style of their buildings, including:

  • Style is personal  and post-frame construction offers you a wide range of architectural freedom
  • Options are often based on the building packages offered by different builders
  • Style can relate to the silhouette of the building. Choose from a variety of roof shapes such as gables, gambrel, or raised center. Enhancements such as a cupola can further enhance your building’s style. 
  • Style can involve the use of complementary colors for roofing and siding. 
  • Style extends to the wide variety of windows and door styles on the market.
  • Style often follows function, such as for equestrian, agriculture, industrial or religious.

Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply can assist you in deciding the style of your post frame building, along with a number of other tasks that are needed to build your structure.

The style of your new building should match or complement the style of your existing home or property. Remember, style goes beyond the use of color and trim, meaning that your new building and entire property come together with a visually pleasing impact. 

Our building professionals are equipped with over 30 years of knowledge and have the tools necessary to help you design the building of your dreams.

At Burrow’s, we know quality construction starts with the right materials, such as lumber, steel, and trusses; and our firsthand knowledge of reliable building material supply makes us a leader in the post-frame construction business.

Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply is here to help you design your next building and pole barn. Learn more about our services, download our tips guide for buying a pole barn, and contact us today to get started.

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