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How to Pick A Site for Your Pole Barn and Prepare the Area

Once you’ve identified your post-frame building needs, determined your building’s style, chosen features and accessories and secured the right permits, it’s time to select the right site, and start preparing.

Before you can start building your pole barn, your selected site will need some preparation. It’s important to make sure that everything is leveled, so it’ll be easier to build on. 

We’ve highlighted some basic guidelines for site preparation your team should follow when getting ready to start the building process. It’s important to have these guidelines in mind when you’re first selecting the site for your new building. 

  • The construction crew will need a five-foot workspace around the perimeter. 
  • The pad needs to be level, yet taper off outside the building to direct water flow away.
  • Have the pad compacted or given time to settle, dozers are surprisingly “soft-footed”.
  • The pad should be well away from power lines and not over underground utilities. 
  • Know how the heavy delivery truck will get to the site without going over septic lines.

We suggest incorporating access for heavy trucks to enter in advance. Think about the potential impact on things buried, including gas, electrical, and septic lines, along with the roots of existing trees. 

Learn more about our top 10 tips for building your next pole barn and how Burrow’s Post Frame Supply can help. Contact us today and we’ll see how we can help.

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