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What Are Pole Barn Kits? Everything To Know About Post-Frame Kits.

Have you noticed an increase in the use of pole barn kits lately? Perhaps you aren’t even familiar with them and find yourself asking the question, “What are pole barn kits?” In this article, we share everything to know about post-frame kits, also commonly called pole barn kits.

Although they’re nothing new, pole barn kits are becoming increasingly popular these days — and with good reason. As the modern farmhouse aesthetic continues to trend, pole barn home kits are also gaining popularity. Coming from the housing market industry leader, Zillow’s 2020 report stated that, “Design elements associated with the ‘modern farmhouse’ style fetch the biggest price premiums.”

It makes sense! While highly attractive in design, these versatile and efficient pole barn kits also have a wide range of commercial, agricultural, and residential uses. The construction of a post-frame building is relatively simple and quick, saving you time and money. Post-frame kits only make the building process even more efficient and cost-effective.

You can always personalize your post-frame building to meet all your unique needs and expectations, making it as simple or sophisticated as you want. However, purchasing pre-built trusses as part of our Burrow’s post-frame kits will help you significantly cut down your investment and make building a pole barn or barndominium much easier. Here’s why you should pick the leading pole barn kits in Oklahoma from Burrow’s.

What Are Pole Barn Kits?

Pole barn home kits are an excellent resource for builders and contractors who want to offer efficient solutions to their customers. They’re essentially pre-built trusses that create a post-frame kit with all the materials and instructions you need to put together your own post-frame structure.

When you purchase pole barn home kits, however, you’ll most likely need to provide the necessary tools and labor to get the job done. Be sure to talk with your provider to learn what your pole barn kits include before purchasing them to avoid setbacks and unpleasant surprises.

While choosing to purchase pole barn home kits helps in many ways, there are still a lot of details to iron out before you commit to a pole building. If you’re thinking about building a pole barn, make sure you consider all aspects of the project so your pole barn home kit fits your needs perfectly.

The Main Benefits of Pole Barn Kits

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There is a reason pole barns have also become popular buildings. Pole-building home kits allow a faster, more efficient way of making a dream a reality. The advantages are numerous:

1. Pole Barn Kits Offer Affordability

Getting your building supplies in a bulk is almost always much cheaper than buying everything separately. Additionally, since pole barn kits are ready for assembly and follow a generic post-frame structure blueprint, you won’t have to worry about budgeting for additional design costs and other expenses.

2. Speedier Completion for Pole Barn Kits

Post-frame kits are designed to help you build your dream post-frame structure much faster. They take away all the time and effort you’d have to put into designing your post-frame building, shopping for the ideal materials, and other construction tasks.

3. Post-Frame Kits Are Easy to Assemble

Most post-frame kit suppliers provide clear instructions on how to build your post-frame structure. You can pretty much start assembling your materials as soon as they arrive at your door. With a leading Oklahoma pole barn kit, you can get your structure built with ease, avoiding unnecessary hassle.

4. Increased Savings Without Decreased Quality on Post Frame Kits

Allowing your contractor to gather all of your necessary materials from one place and all at once is a huge help. This saves time and money on your contractor’s end, which ultimately decreases overall project costs for you. This also ensures the same level of quality across all your pole barn building materials.

What Do the Best Pole Barn Kits Include?

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Burrow’s Post Frame Supply offers some of the very best pole barn kits on the market! Our top pole barn kits are manufactured and put together in-house. Our typical leading post-frame kits include:

  • Posts
  • Laminated columns
  • Girts
  • Grade boards
  • Anchor blocks
  • Trusses

Burrow’s pole barn kits are code compliant, reliable, and customizable to meet our customers’ needs. They include only the highest-quality materials to help you build a structure that will withstand the passage of time.

Find the Best Post-Frame Kits and Other Building Materials

When building your pole barn, personalizing it to your needs is important – especially if you are going to be building a pole barn home or barndominium! Besides what comes in our post-frame building kits, we supply every other detail necessary to complete your dream post-frame building.

Burrow’s is here to satisfy your every need in making your pole barn dream a reality. We are proud to offer Valspar-painted siding that comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Choosing the color of your pole barn is an important step, and our Valspar siding does not disappoint! We offer an in-depth guide to our Valspar paint options in a recent blog.

In addition, we cover Plyco Series 99 insulated exterior doors in another article. These allow your pole building to remain well insulated throughout all seasons, saving you precious money on utility bills.

Whether you are starting new with a pole barn kit, or looking to freshen up an existing pole barn, Burrow’s Supply has all you need to finalize the style of your post-frame building.

Ready to Build Pole Barn Kits That Are Easy to Assemble

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Our pole barn kits are specially designed to simplify the process – not make it harder. Burrow’s post-frame kits make building a post-frame structure faster and easier for your team.

Within the pole barn home kit, we offer builders the exact materials needed and give detailed instructions on how to put them together. This way, your contractor can build a solid structure that meets your needs in no time.

The post-frame kits we offer are highly intuitive, but we understand that questions may arise from time to time – especially if you’ve never built using pole barn kits from us before. We offer top-of-the-line customer service to answer any questions that may arise. While intangible, this is one of the best benefits to come with our post-frame kits.

Our seasoned coordinators will answer any questions you may have and offer solutions to the most common problems that may arise during the construction process. In turn, Burrow’s also hosts numerous resources and guides to help build post-frame kits as easily as possible.

Choose Burrow’s for the Top Pole Barn Kits And More

Burrow’s is your one-stop shop for quality post-frame materials and accessories. We have nearly 40 years of experience in the pole barn construction business and can offer you exactly what you need to get started on your post-frame construction journey.

We’ve worked with numerous contractors to build industry-leading post-frame kits. We’ve helped construction teams build pole barn kits in Texas, barndominium kits in Oklahoma, and barn home kits in Kansas. Our team supplies the states around Oklahoma with the top pole barn kits available.

As one of the most reliable post-frame kit suppliers in the country, we provide quality products and expertise. Our goal is to help homeowners and builders alike construct durable, affordable high-performance structures that will stand the test of time.

At Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply, we stubbornly make sure to go the extra mile. We’ve worked hard to become the most reliable pole barn home kit supplier in the industry.

If you’re searching for “pole barn home kits near me”, Burrow’s has you covered. For a trustworthy post-frame kit provider, reach out to us today. Our experts will gladly assist you in making your pole barn vision come to life.

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