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Electrical, HVAC & Plumbing for Pole Barns

Depending on the activities you have planned for your pole barn, or what the need for your building is, you’ll need electrical, HVAC and plumbing utilities. There are some important items to consider when planning your building and deciding what utilities you’ll need. 

  • Known the location of the public utility – the farther the building is from the utility, the greater the cost for trenching or poles and for the wiring, both in length and diameter.
  • Think through where you need electric service and any special amperage outlets.
  • Consider where you want lights. Do you want lights down the center or over each horse stall? If you put the lights down the middle, will your big RV block the lights? 
  • You will probably want the outside meter placed out of sight and out of the flow of traffic. But inside the building, your electrical panel should be close to the meter.
  • If your space is to be heated or cooled, will the system be in a closet or mounted up in the trusses? Placing equipment overhead will give you more floor space, but the trusses will need to be designed to fit and to carry the weight. 
  • For plumbing, are you tying into a city sewer or a septic tank? 
  • If you plan for a bathroom, your rough-in work for the toilet will need to be the right distance from the finished wall. Your plumbing may best be located to come up through interior walls. If a toilet or sink backs up to an outside wall, you may need up to 4” of insulation and a heat source in the bathroom to keep the water in the pipes from freezing.

Your supply decisions may relate to activities in the future or change over time depending on any new piece of equipment you purchase, or any new item you put into your pole barn. Your space may change over time, depending on where you put things, whether they’re in the back of the building or the front; but either way, it’s important to install a higher amp line and electrical outlets in your building.

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