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The Best Pole Barn Business Tools and Scheduling Platforms

Digital scheduling, estimating, and other pole barn business tools have made it easier than ever before to coordinate building jobs. You can use a variety of tools to manage material orders, deliveries, and the overall build schedule. 

Using multiple tools that don’t communicate with one another can lead to duplicated efforts. You might find yourself reviewing material orders, deliveries, sub-contracts, and building schedules multiple times to ensure all of the details are correct. 

Make it easier to manage your pole barn construction business with these integrative tools that will minimize the level of review and allow you to more seamlessly manage projects. 

SmartBuild Systems

SmartBuild offers a complete range of design and management systems that let you create designs, materials lists, proposals, and construction documents for your projects. The software is web-based, so you can access project details on building job sites with any laptop or tablet connected to the internet. 

This tool automatically generates a list of materials with pricing estimates so you can schedule material orders while you’re onsite with a client. This software is easy to use with a simple backend interface that makes changing designs a snap. 

You can also use it to make cut lists, draft budgets, and estimate project costs. 

Burrow’s Post Frame Supply has partnered with SmartBuild Systems to help builders streamline their workflow and processes. You can learn more about SmartBuild on our website.

BuildIT Systems

Manage all of your pole barn business scheduling needs with software from BuildIT Systems. Keep your project managers and sub-contractors on task with color-coded Gantt charts that let everyone see their tasks and deadlines. 

This software also lets you share tasks with your sub-contractors, and has the ability to assign tasks to people both in and out of your company. Keep your construction building schedules on track with a simple platform that’s easy to use and lets you collaborate with your team. 

You can also save time by using scheduling templates instead of building each one from scratch. And the software will notify everyone when a schedule change occurs, saving you from long email chains and confusing schedule mishaps. 

Construction Maestro

If you’re looking for an accurate estimating tool, check out Construction Maestro 5.0. This platform was built by a construction professional and is easily integrated with Microsoft software, so you won’t need to download a ton of different programs. 

Anyone can use the design system for pole barn projects, garages, and decks. Its interface offers step-by-step instructions that result in accurate specs you can use to generate an estimate. Another win for this platform is that it includes error checking, in case you’ve input a measurement incorrectly, meaning you won’t need to second-guess your materials list and estimates. 

This platform offers plenty of custom templates, which will help save time on similar projects. Once you’ve completed your design, Construction Maestro can generate an accurate materials list with detailed information letting you place a material order with ease. 


If you’ve been in the construction business for a while, you are likely familiar with CAD software. This go-to design platform now offers pole barn building design, allowing you to create accurate elevations that are crisp and easy to read. 

It’s also easily integrated with popular business platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Sharepoint. If you need to share large files in a flash, simply upload them to one of these cloud-based platforms and share a link with your client. 

The CAD platform is affordable and easy to learn, even if you’ve never designed a pole barn building before. Your resulting plan will include accurate dimensions, which will allow contractors to bring your design to life. 

E Elevations

If you prefer a more visual approach to design, check out E Elevations’ contractor software. This tool eliminates the need for multiple pop-ups, letting you manage your design in one place. Using this software, it’s easy to change and refine your design without toggling through multiple screens and layers. 

E Elevations also lets you create sales brochures using sample designs. If you need to pull a proposal together under a tight deadline, use this feature to help your potential client visualize your work. You can create eye-catching, colored elevations that stand out from your competitors. 

Starting at just under $1,000 a year for the basic package, E Elevations is an affordable platform you can use to up your pole barn business tools game. 

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Take Your Project to Burrow’s 

Once you’ve used one or more of these tools to refine your design, create accurate estimates, and assemble your materials list, let Burrow’s help you achieve your finished product. Our cost-effective yet durable building materials will help you create a long-lasting structure that meets all of your needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you complete your build. 

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