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Burrow’s Needs Your Support Through Lumber Crisis

As we mentioned recently in a post on the Burrow’s blog, prices for lumber are at all-time highs.

The reasons simply are depleted supply and extremely high demand brought. These issues are continuing to cause real disruption in our industry and throughout construction with no end in sight.

Costs have risen to multiples of normal and the lumber market is historically out of balance. Estimates reveal that on average the cost of lumber has increased 280 percent year over year. In the home construction sector, these prices have caused the average cost of a newly constructed home to increase by over $36,000.

So, the question is, will this issue be resolved any time soon? Industry analysts predict the shortage of lumber will continue through the summer but may ease by year-end. We certainly hope so.

What Burrow’s Customers Can Expect

We’re pretty stubborn when it comes to using only the best quality materials in our buildings. However, we also are accepting the reality that substitutions for our normal materials will be likely and necessary in the coming months. At this time, we are less concerned with how much we are paying and more concerned with finding enough material to keep everyone supplied, The market is very tight at this time.

Burrow’s Needs Your Support

At Burrow’s, we’ve spent years developing partnerships built on trust and dependability. As we navigate our way through these uncharted waters, we are asking our partners for their continued patience and support.

We are actively working to support your business and frankly, we will need that in return to get through this crisis. If you should have any questions about what we’re experiencing, please feel free to reach out to us.

We will get through this the only way we know how — hard work, determination and by working together.

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