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How To Win More Post-Frame Construction Projects in 2022

You know you offer the best post-frame construction service in your area. But that doesn’t mean anything unless you can win new contracts. When you are contacted by a prospective client for a quote or estimate, there are a few concrete things you can do to win more projects without resorting to lowering your bid. Here’s our guide on how to win more post-frame construction projects in 2022.

Advertise Your Past Success

Any post-frame building project is a risk for a customer. Nearly everyone has heard a story about a contractor leaving a job half done, refusing to repair shoddy workmanship, or using sub-standard materials for post-frame construction. While you know you’d never leave a customer less than satisfied, your prospective clients will value any assurances that you will stand by your work.

Highlight a few of your previous post-frame projects, and either include descriptions of these examples with your bid, or showcase them on a website where prospective customers will see them when they search for your company. Provide previous clients as references, highlight your past client testimonials, and invite prospective customers to view or tour one of your finished post-frame buildings, if possible.

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Bid on Your Expertise

Many projects have multiple facets. For example, a customer might want a post-frame building that includes insulation, interior finishes, electrical systems, plumbing, or other features. You may or may not have the staff, experience, or knowledge to complete every aspect of the job. Learning to do some things outside your experience isn’t always a bad thing, but taking on too much has the potential to get you into trouble if you underbid or aren’t familiar with the applicable codes and best practices.

If you encounter invitations to bid on a job with a scope that doesn’t match your specialty, be upfront with the customer. You may choose not to bid on jobs outside your areas of expertise. Alternatively, propose biding on only part of the bigger project, or be prepared to subcontract any portions of the job you can’t complete alone, and know what these will cost.

Create a Quick Proposal Process

Your proposal is your chance to wow your customer. As a customer receives proposals, they are continually weighing new information and moving toward a decision.

By getting your bid in early, you ensure you are considered in the subsequent analysis your potential customer will be making as they continue to receive bids. More time on a customer’s mind means more chance of winning the job. Getting your proposal in early also makes you look professional, on the ball, and eager to please your customers.

In order to provide quotes to customers quickly, it’s important to have a process in place that allows you to quickly design and estimate projects. The right software can help you do this, speeding up the process of estimates which means you can bid on more projects, faster and more accurately. Which can win you more projects. We recommend the Keymark Smartbuild.

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As a post-frame construction supplier, Burrows is here for one thing: to help you win contracts and make money selling post-frame buildings. That’s why we work with SmartBuild.

SmartBuild from Burrows is a post-frame construction design software and material ordering platform that makes the process of creating quotes and proposals easier, while at the same time increasing your chances of winning jobs. Assemble a complete design and generate a quote in minutes, not hours.

SmartBuild leverages Burrows’ modular, engineered systems to provide you with our customizable options at your fingertips. Add skylights, explore door options, or compare material prices quickly. Your customers will get a quote fast, and you can provide custom options without doing the legwork of exploring available post-frame materials and pricing them manually.

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Choose a Reliable Post-frame Supplier

To make sure you can complete post-frame projects on time, and build them with quality, you’ll also need to find the right post-frame supplier. One of the best post-frame materials suppliers in the nation is Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply. For almost 40 years we’ve been involved in the post-frame construction industry.

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Post-Frame Materials Manufactured In-House

At Burrow’s all our post-frame kits are manufactured at our 130,000 square feet of building space, using our own high-quality materials. We roll-form all the steel panels and trims we offer to maintain the highest level of post-frame material quality control.

By manufacturing our materials in-house we not only increase the quality of the materials but also prevent delays from relying on third parties that many construction suppliers face. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize materials for our customers as well.

Triple Checked Quality Control

We mentioned how our in-house manufacturing increases quality control, and we mean it. At Burrow’s, we’re stubborn about quality. All of our materials undergo a multi-check process to ensure that our materials meet our high-quality standards. Each Burrow’s team member is empowered to reject materials at any point in the construction and fulfillment process if they don’t meet our standards.

Easy Assemble Post-Frame Kits

Our post-frame kits make it faster and easier to build your post-frame construction project. When you order our Burrow’s post-frame kits your project gets completed faster. Our kits simplify the construction process and increase the number of projects your team can handle annually. Combine that with our Smartbuild software and you can greatly increase your business.

Fast Post-Frame Kit Order Fulfillment

At Burrow’s we pride ourselves on getting our customers their materials as quickly as possible. In most cases we can have full barn kits ready in 48 hours; 72 hours for special order trusses. When you choose Burrow’s you can be confident that your order will be fulfilled on time.

Nationwide Post-Frame Materials Delivery

We’re located in Oklahoma, but we have clients in many of the surrounding states. We deliver our post-frame materials wherever they need to go. Our white-glove service drops off to even the remotest areas using a truck-mounted forklift with everything needed to complete the build arriving at the same time.

Customer Service Done Right

We know that our customer relationship is the most important. We never outsource our customer service. Call Burrow’s and talk to the same friendly voices every time. Our team cares about our customers and makes sure they do everything they can to help them out.

At Burrow’s we do everything possible to be the best post-frame material supplier on the market. Our team is dedicated to our customer’s success. With our in-house manufacturing, design, and estimate services, delivery, and levels of quality we provide all the services needed to be your reliable post-frame materials supplier. Learn more about Why Burrow’s is a Reliable Post-Frame Kit Supplier in our other recent blog.

Choose the Best Post-Frame Supplier

There’s no place better than Burrow’s for quality post-frame building materials and accessories. All Burrows’ materials and components have been engineered to perform and be builder-friendly.

With our Smartbuild design software and a team of building and supply experts, you can count on us to help you win more post-frame projects! By combining components of our systems in Smart Build, you get the best of both worlds- custom options for your clients, with the assurance that you are providing competitive and profitable bids.

Learn more about SmartBuild, or contact our Burrow’s team to get started increasing your post-frame construction projects, Let Burrows help you win projects and increase sales.

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