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Tips on Selecting the Best Pole Barn Paint Color to Use

When you’re ready to paint your new pole barn or post-frame structure, our Burrow’s team has the tools you need to make the right decision. Our downloadable Paint Color Guide has vibrant prime colors and the most popular ones for your building. The Valspar Weather XL Siliconized Polyester Paint is sure to hold up in all of the weather elements your building may endure. 

Not only do we offer the prime colors seen in the guide, but we also have GALVALUME 55% Al-Zn coated sheet steel, available in its distinctive unpainted silvery-white spangled appearance or painted. 

Use Higher Contrast When Selecting Structure Colors

From green and tan tones to burgundy, brown, and even blue tones, your new building will look pristine and nice. All of the colors are available in 29 gauge, but there are some also available in the 26 gauge too. We’ve noticed the most popular color builders choose for their building is a light stone or ivory color.

We typically recommend going with a darker color to offset the light color, so if you’re going with a stone, we suggest pairing it with a darker green or brown, even a burgundy to give your building a nice, rich look to it. Some popular color combinations we’ve seen include: red/white, blue/white, a stone color and brown, grey/green, stone/green, brown/white, red/grey, and two different tones of grey.

If there’s an existing structure on your property that you’d like your new building to match with, ask us for swatches that closely fit your color scheme. We can’t guarantee an exact match, but we’ll get you a color close to the one you’ve got. If you’re not worried about coordinating your building colors, then you have many options to choose from when it comes to paint colors.

Builders tend to make their selection based on the following color schemes: blended, accented, or custom. If you want the trim, including the doors, windows, fascia, etc to be the same color then you’re going for the blended look. Whereas an accented look is when the trim is the same color as the roof. Of course, builders like to do a mix of the blended and accent look, to give their building a unique look.

We’re often asked how many colors you should choose. Our recommendation is two to start off with, sometimes builders go with three just so they can have an added pop of color as an accent. The number of colors you choose is up to you, but we usually don’t see builders go with more than two or three.

Pole Barn Paint Color Warranty

Our 40-year Valspar Weather Z Siliconized Polyester Limited Warranty won’t crack, check or peel for forty years from the date of installation. The warranty we provide back our prime line of metal siding, roofing, and trim products. You can view more specifics of our paint warranty

Download our Paint Color Guide

We know you can’t accurately see what the paint will look like on a piece of paper, but we have related color chips available so you can accurately select your building’s paint colors. Contact Burrow’s Post Frame Supply today to see accurate samples of these colors to get a good idea of what it will look like on your building.

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