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While pole barns allow for an efficient building process, any construction involves intense coordination with many moving parts. Clear communication, consistent progress, and significant results are all needed in order to keep your post-frame clients happy and ensure your barn-building business continues. Before you start building, stay a step ahead by having your pole barn material list and post-frame supplies predetermined.

Planning ahead pays off when time is money, and jobs take time. In this blog, we’ll cover why generating your pole barn material list can jump-start your project, and how to keep it on the fast track with Burrow’s post-frame products to ensure your build has high quality that is long-lasting.

Why Should Contractors Get Their Post-Frame Materials List Planned Out?

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We all are aware that construction, housing, and real estate markets are in an unprecedented boom right now. While every contractor is thankful to have an abundance of projects, the increased amount of working hours spent on the job site leaves less time for crucial details that keep their businesses running effectively.

While it can be difficult to maintain an organized routine for efficiency, having a process in place before starting construction eases that burden. Having your material lists ready at the start of a new project can help you by:

Understanding The Scope of The Post-Frame Project

When you start to analyze and prepare your order of post-frame materials, you begin to visualize the end goal for the project. This planning is important due to the fact that contractors have a deadline to be finished by, or the customer is being charged by time and material.

Having a better grasp of the scope of the project allows you to accurately plan and order the precise amount of materials while limiting mistakes – such as multiple trips to the suppliers to get additional supplies.

Analyze The Costs of Post-Frame Supplies for Your Client and Company

Analyzing profits and costs is important for the value of any project. Being aware of what a project will cost you in material, time, manpower, and supplies lets you accurately price your bids and fairly charge your clients.

Burrow’s wants to help our clients as much as we can. By making this step easier with our SmartBuild software specifically designed for contractors, we set out to assist you with more than just quality products for your pole barn sites by removing the time-consuming factor of hand-figuring your bids and builds.

With SmartBuild, each kit is able to be estimated as a complete package. This includes necessary pole barn supplies like posts, girts, purlins, trusses, header boards, skirt boards, truss carriers, doors, windows, soffit material, trim, and screws are accounted for to match the amount of metal, insulation, pipe boots, closures, v braces (and more) that are needed.

These seven core features of SmartBuild give you an edge when it comes to increasing sales, streamlining processes, and managing more work. SmartBuild provides contractors with:

  • Real-time interactive 3D inputs
  • Automatic framing
  • Comprehensive cut lists
  • Bid and order compilation
  • Construction drawings
  • Customizable database
  • Automated sales contracts

It’s time to order your pole barn supplies in a smarter way. See how this intensive software can help your clients stay satisfied and keep your business organized in our recent blog article!

Creating A Schedule

Burrow's Pole Barn Construction

Knowing when and where to show up is important for your subcontractors, too. As we all know in the construction industry, your relationships with your fellow tradesmen and subcontractors are incredibly important.

Making sure to properly schedule them out is a great way to extend respect for their time and efforts – which will help you maintain a good working relationship with them. When they plan on being at your job but it falls through, this negatively affects their flexibility with their own current projects.

Preparing a pole barn material list lets you get your subcontractors hired and scheduled accordingly. You need to know the availability and projected time of arrival of materials to then schedule out electrical, plumbing, HVAC, drywall, floors, paint, and more to follow the proper inspection procedure.

Understanding what materials are needed, when they are coming, and who can do it helps plan out the entirety of the project. Staying organized by creating a structured schedule helps everyone involved to feel more at ease.

Successful Organization Leads To Happy Clients

Think about things from a client’s perspective. In the vulnerable state of being new to pole barn construction, and having invested their money in the project, they are entrusting you to do the job efficiently and with a quality outcome.

With contractors as the middle man, acting as a liaison between the job site and the customer’s end goal, customers can relax knowing their contractor is planning to use smart solutions to correct and predict roadblocks that may arise while getting their dream post-frame pole barn accomplished.

By remaining organized, you can deliver post-frame supplies, correct predictions, and smart resolutions to your clients, getting their dream pole barn built smoothly. This helps you gain favoritism and start to generate a healthy portfolio that can win over new leads.

Even the most organized and detail-oriented contractors have a lot to juggle. At Burrow’s, we’re here to help. While you have to handle the site and client, you can rest easy knowing your post-frame supplies are being supplied by the best in the business.

Where Do I Buy Materials For A Pole Barn?

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A good question deserves a great answer: buy your materials from a pole barn manufacturer, such as Burrow’s! We deliver high-quality services and post-frame supplies all in a one-stop shop in an effort to make your life easier, your job smoother, and your time more available.

Inside our 130,000-square-foot facility is where the pole barn magic happens. There, we manufacture custom wood trusses and roll form all our steel panels and trim in-house. Burrow’s makes sure your pole barn material list is easily met with an unmatched level of quality assurance, including a triple check!

While we feel all of our products are of a high grade, there are some that stand out as our top-selling pole barn supplies. You’ll find them listed below along with why you should choose them for yourself!

The Post-Frame Building Supplies You Need On Your Pole Barn Material List

1. Use Top Quality Post-frame kits

Pole barn kits are an excellent resource for builders, contractors, and subcontractors in commercial and residential construction.

Each kit at Burrow’s is completely customizable and will be determined by the buyers’ own preferences. From the spacing and depth of the posts, to the ceiling height & truss style!

A benefit of pole barn kits is that they come with pre-built trusses. This allows your post-frame kit to have all the materials necessary for the job, with the contractor supplying the needed tools and manpower.

Projects are easy to bid on with SmartBuild at Burrow’s, and supplies are even easier to order and pick up! Our kits come with instructions to make cutting your boards for the project faster and keep installation efficient. To learn more about Burrow’s pole barn kits, check out our recent blog: What Are Pole Barn Kits? Everything To Know About Post-Frame Kits.

2. Buy Plyco Series 99 Doors

Plyco Series 99 Exterior Pole barn Door

Make sure your pole barn project will continue to last with superior exterior utility doors. Burrow’s Plyco Series 99 doors are made with 27 gauge galvanized steel to ensure harsh weather is endured and rust is avoided. A 1.75” thick polyurethane core allows these insulated exterior doors to keep temperatures stable.

With multiple installation options, the Plyco Series 99 door saves you time on installation with either standard, slide-in j-trim, or slide-in nailing flange jamb options. From 2/6 x 6/8, all the way up to 8/0 x 7/0, Burrow’s has the right size Plyco exterior door for your pole barn material list.

To get more details, check out Burrow’s guide with everything you need to know about Series 99 Plyco doors.

3. Find Pole Barn Windows

Our window selection will shine some light on pole barn supplies for your post-frame material list! At Burrow’s, we make sure to keep standard white clear glass windows in stock and ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Our options for vinyl windows include grid and insulated glass and come in 2 × 3, 3 × 3, 3 × 4, and 3 × 5 sizes.

Windows, doors, and metal products are all important, but what if we don’t have what you’re looking for? We still want to help! If our pole barn supplies options aren’t right for your construction project, Burrow’s can easily make a special order for other product styles, sizes, finishes, and colors.

How To Order Pole Barn Materials from Burrow’s

At Burrow’s, we truly want to help as much as we can. No matter what the size or scale of a project is, contractors have a hard job. Make yours easier by ordering reliable pole barn supplies at Burrow’s.

Capable of delivering anywhere in the nation, Burrow’s is making a difference on job sites near and far. Creating and supplying our products in-house is important but the job isn’t done until they arrive. This is why we offer full-service delivery right to your site.

Since 1984, our experience and dedication to the industry have grown and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Contact us today for help acquiring your post-frame material list, and let’s keep your pole barn project organized together!

To get your free estimate, call in at (800)766-5793 and we will connect you with a friendly & knowledgeable estimator. Are you a contractor interested in implementing SmartBuild into your business to speed things up or simply want to hear more about SmartBuild? Reach out to our outside sales representatives that can easily walk you through the program from start to finish.

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