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Building Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Post-Frame Structure Looking New

So, your pole barn project is finally up and ready to use. Your investment and effort will soon begin to pay off, but what comes after the building process? Your new post-frame structure certainly looks like it will withstand the test of time. However, it’s never too early to get started with the next steps to ensure that your pole barn looks and works like new for longer. 

Keep Your Post-Frame Structure Looking Great with These Building Maintenance Tips

Over time, your post-frame structure may look like it’s seen better days. The paint might chip, wood might squeak and the doors and windows might need to be replaced. That’s where building maintenance comes in. The sooner you start the upkeep of your pole barn, the better. 

‌Making little efforts here and there to keep your post-frame structure in mint condition is a no-brainer. It’ll be much easier and more cost-effective than waiting until things get out of hand. We’re sharing some preventive building maintenance measures that will save you time and money in the long run.

Extend Your Post-Frame Structure’s Life

If your pole barn has wooden columns, ensure that they’re kept strong inside and out. You’d be surprised how often columns look perfectly fine on the surface but are slowly rotting on the inside. Columns — especially wooden ones — will draw moisture from the air and the soil. Make sure to inspect them often to avoid jeopardizing your post-frame structure’s integrity. 

Keep Inclement Weather Outside

Keeping an eye out for drafts and leaks will keep your interior looking fresh for longer. The wind and water belong outside, not only will that save you money in the long run from unnecessary maintenance expenses, but it will also keep your belongings safe inside. Ensuring that your doors and windows still seal tightly will also make your building more energy-efficient.

‌Beware of the Power Wash

It’s normal to wash your exterior now and then. However, there are many factors to keep in mind if you try to rinse off debris and dirt from your siding with a power wash. Make sure you keep a proper distance, or you might dent the material with the pressurized water. When in doubt, hire a professional. You’ll end up spending way less than if you ruined your cladding and had to replace it. 

Plan Your Landscape Layout With an Upkeep Mindset

B‌e mindful of the siding if you have grass around the building that needs to be mowed and watered. If you’re not careful, you can dent or stain the siding material. Not only will this make the structure look older than it is, but it will also void the guarantee. Also, keeping your building’s floor at the exterior soil level might encourage dampness and water accumulation. In the long run, the extra humidity will give you tons of headaches. Keep your grading at least four inches away from the pole barn to allow proper drainage and avoid damage.

Paint Your Structure Siding Regularly

Adding a pop of color to your facade when it needs a little extra love is a cost-effective way to maintain a vibrant appearance. Regularly updating the paint will ensure that your cladding looks clean and fresh for much longer before you have to change it. However, do not try doing this yourself if you have no experience. Hire a contractor to achieve a professional and even look.

Keep an Eye Out for Bugs

Insect infestations are never fun, especially if those itty-bitty critters have the sole goal of eating your wooden structures. To prevent these pests from causing structural damage to your pole barn, make sure to treat your columns against vermin annually. Remember, the first few inches above and below the ground are the most insect-vulnerable areas. 

‌If you spot any termites, flying ants, or carpenter bees on the premises, call pest control right away. Let an expert assess the situation and find the best solution to your bug problem. 

Have a Roof Inspection & Clean Your Gutters

‌Just like other buildings, you’ll want to have your pole barn roof inspected to prevent any leaks or trouble spots. While having the roof inspected, we also recommend cleaning the gutters. They’re meant to protect your pole barn from rainwater accumulation. Cleaning the gutters will help with the overall structural upkeep. This drainage system must be functional at all times to avoid water damage to your roof and exterior walls. If your gutters are constantly blocked, you’ll end up spending thousands on repair costs. 

Keep Excess Moisture at Bay

Have you noticed condensation inside of your pole barn? That’s never a good sign. If the humidity levels inside your post-frame structure are too high, your belongings might suffer the consequences. Take the following measures to manage this situation:

  • Install a vapor barrier in the appropriate place.
  • Ensure proper ventilation.
  • Regulate the inner temperature accordingly.
  • Get rid of any unnecessary clutter.
  • Install a good dehumidifier.
  • Have a look at your drainage.‌

Improve the Life Span of Your Post-Frame Structure

Taking proper care of your post-frame structure is the cornerstone of its durability. With that in mind, you can now determine what the best ways to use the building are — if you haven’t already, of course. Pole barns are highly versatile, and yours can become a:

  • Farm building
  • Stable
  • Cabin
  • Commercial building
  • Workshop

‌‌Regardless of what you pick, Burrows Post-Frame Supply will be right here to offer you a helping hand whenever you might need it. We have only high-quality products, accessories, and design resources for your post-frame building maintenance needs and more. Visit our site and contact us today!

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