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Best Practices For Running Your Pole Barn Business

Running a successful pole barn business is about much more than building a solid post-frame structure. You must master all the aspects of running a business, keep existing clients happy so they refer others to you, and win the trust and confidence of prospective clients to ensure a steady supply of new business.

Ensuring that each project becomes a working partnership between you and your pole barn customer will help smooth the inevitable difficulties that arise during projects. Positioning yourself as an experienced, well-informed contractor, asking open-ended questions, and listening carefully will help. 

We’ll share business practices and pole barn resources that can help you establish the critical customer partnerships that can help keep your business moving smoothly.

Register With The National Frame Builder’s Association

The National Frame Builders Association (NFBA) provides a wealth of information about post-frame building and the best business practices that will make your pole barn business successful. The NFBA also has a well-designed educational course on designing and constructing a post-frame structure. Having a staff member complete the course brings an excellent selling point that gives you credibility and your customers peace of mind.

It’s also beneficial to have a person onboard your business who has completed the International Code Council’s National Standard General Building Contractor test.

Help Customers Understand Building Codes & Permits

Navigating through the building permit process, understanding building codes, and complying with inspections can be daunting for newcomers. And the rules are always a bit different from area to area. It’s important to stay up-to-date on ever-changing regulations.

This way, you can helpfully guide your customers through the process of obtaining the needed permits in order to grow your customer partnership, gain gratitude, and get referrals. Those referrals will bring you enough business to more than repay for the time and effort you’ve spent.

Providing a licensed engineer’s stamp on all drawings identifying important building elements will:

  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Ensure the building’s structural integrity
  • Give your customers peace of mind

Offer a Warranty For Your Buildings & Materials

Providing warranties demonstrates your commitment to the quality of the building you construct. Understanding how the two major kinds of warranties work — prorated and non-prorated — will help you choose which one to use for different building parts.

Prorated warranties decrease the amount of coverage over time. Typically 5% of the product’s value is deducted for each year of the warranty period. With the increased durability of products, some prorated warranties offer total replacement costs for the first five or ten years. Non-prorated warranties usually cover the total value of the product for the life of the warranty.

Naturally, customers shopping for a pole barn expected to last for decades will be looking for a non-prorated warranty. However, both types of warranties have pros and cons, so consider carefully which type of warranty you will offer for which areas of the building. 

You could base a large part of your decision on manufacturers’ warranties that protect you and pass responsibility onto the manufacturer. Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply offers guarantees of up to 40 years.

Invest in Builder’s Risk Insurance

To protect your pole barn business, it is best to have insurance covering workers’ compensation and general liability. It’s also a good practice to advise your customers to purchase protection against loss during construction that results from destructive events, theft, or vandalism as a prudent measure. During construction, building materials and the structure itself are at risk.

Builder’s risk insurance also called course of construction insurance, is usually purchased by the landowner but can be purchased by the builder or other interested parties such as engineers or project managers.

Consider carefully exactly what the insurer covers in the policy. Builder’s risk insurance usually does not cover contractor tools and equipment or labor costs to rebuild some building parts. Also not covered is employee theft, damages resulting from faulty planning, design, or workmanship. 

Builders’ risk insurance should be purchased at the beginning of the project and is usually valid for 90 days after completion.

Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply Can Help You Succeed

Having the information on hand to instantly answer your customer’s questions demonstrates your professionalism. Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply provides highly informative brochures, guides, and sales materials that are ready to show customers. You can download and print them or link to them from your website. A few of the resources we provide include information on:

  • Metal Products
  • Doors & Accessories
  • Ventilation Products
  • Roofing Accessories

Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply can help you with more than quality building materials delivered on time. Contact us for more expert advice on running your pole barn business.

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