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The Best Pole Barn Supplies for Your Post-Frame Project

As a contractor looking for quality post-frame products, you should strongly consider Burrow’s for the best pole barn supplies near you. Whether for agricultural, residential, industrial, or commercial use, your project’s pole barn supplies should have consistent quality from the foundation up. That means you need to find the best pole barn supplies for your post-frame project.

The main purpose of incorporating a post-frame style into your new building is to utilize an efficient, simple method for your long-term building process. So don’t cut yourself short when it comes to your pole barn supplies!

While anyone these days can market themselves as a supplier, being “just” a supplier isn’t good enough for you – and it isn’t good enough for us. Read on to see how Burrow’s has meticulously created a range of high-quality products so that wherever we can help with your pole barn supplies, you know it was done with the help of the post-frame kit experts.

Burrow’s 8 Best Pole Barn Supplies

As a manufacturing company with decades of experience in supplying pole barn supplies, we recognize that contractors have many choices when it comes to who will supply the materials for their post-frame builds. That’s why we want you to be able to have the best pole barn supplies at Burrow’s Supply.

Backed by our full-service facility and partnership commitment, Burrow’s has the top pole barn supplies ready for your next build all in one place!

Quality Metal Siding for Pole Barns

Image Of Burrow's Metal Siding

All Burrow’s metal panels are manufactured at our quality-controlled roll-forming facility and come in two QL and QLP profiles.

Our processes are standardized and meticulous, ensuring your finished post-frame building supplies maintain a uniform fit and appearance throughout. Our top metal siding product offers 29 and 26-gauge Galvalume® sheet steel panels, coated in Valspar Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) paint.

Valspar Paint For Your Post-Frame Project

Valspar is a respected name in the construction industry. The Valspar pole barn supplies we provide are metal roofing and siding pated with Valspar WeatherX®.

This silicone-modified paint shrinks and stretches with your metal, preventing your Valspar metal siding from changing color, chalking, cracking, peeling, or fading. Without a doubt, Burrow’s offers the best Valspar paint for pole barn buildings, which is why our painted meal siding comes complete with a 40-year warranty.

To learn more, check out the recent Valspar paint blog post and see which color would be right for you!

Roofing Materials for Post-Frame Project

Our siding options for your pole barn building supplies are suitable for both walls and roofing. What’s more, our roofing accessories go with your metal roofing perfectly, keeping your pole barn safe and dry in all weather conditions.

These materials are ideal for any post-frame kit project, but also for building a barndominium! We cover all you need to know about bardominium kits and how to build them in our other recent blogs: How to Build the Best Barndominium and Why Pole Barn Home Kits Are Gaining Popularity.

Series 99 Plyco Pole Barn Doors

Your post-frame building supplies aren’t complete until you have insulated exterior doors! Series 99 Plyco Doors are aesthetically pleasing while maintaining a low price and easy installation. Plus, these exterior doors come in a wide range of sizes.

Made of 27-gauge galvanized steel, the edge is rolled with aluminum core trails, eliminating rust. They increase energy efficiency and last for a long time, making them critical pole-building supplies to pole barns or even pole barn-style homes such as barndominiums. Find out more in our recent blog post about Series 99 Plyco Doors.

Find Windows for Your Pole Barn Project

Burrows Pole Barn Window Supplies

An essential part of your post-frame building materials is getting the right style of windows. At Burrow’s, we stock your choice of vinyl or aluminum windows. These include grid and insulated glass and come in 2 × 3, 3 × 3, 3 × 4, and 3 × 5 sizes.

A top seller for Burrow’s includes our Krestmark windows, available in impact, low-e, no internal grid or custom internal grid options (with extended lead times.) Happy to provide exceptional service, Burrow’s keeps standard white clear glass windows in stock and ready for shipment!

But what if we don’t have what you’re looking for? If our exterior window pole barn supplies options aren’t right for you, Burrow’s has no problem making a special order for other styles, sizes, and colors. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service from start to finish.

Wood Trusses for Our Leading Pole Barn Supplies

Complete your post-frame building supplies with the finest quality wood trusses. These custom trusses can range from 4 to 80 feet in length and are engineered for snow and wind loading specifications. We offer different styles of wood trusses, allowing common, scissor, gambrel, mono, attic, loafing shed, and more to be available for your customized post-frame building supplies.

With such quality trusses, it’s no wonder we provide the best pole barn kits in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and beyond. Our high-quality service doesn’t stop there. You can get any of our leading pole barn materials shipped to many different states through our professional delivery service!

Pole Barn Kits

Burrows Pole Barn Kits 1 2

Pole barn kits… what exactly are they? Well, they are an excellent resource for builders and contractors alike.

Post-frame kits are essentially pre-built trusses and other prepped materials that create a complete pole barn kit, simplifying the ordering process of pole barn supplies and streamlining the building process. Easy-to-navigate instructions are given with each pole barn kit allowing your contractors to easily put together your own post-frame building kit, using minimal tools and labor to get the job done.

All of Burrow’s pole barn kits are code compliant, reliable, and customizable! While pole barn kits include standard materials, they can be customized to better suit our customers’ needs. Just speak to one of our post-frame kit experts to learn more.

SmartBuild Design

As a building contractor, do you dread the work needed to put quotes together for customers? Our SmartBuild Design estimating software simplifies the process of acquiring your pole-barn supplies.

It’s a dynamic estimating software and dedicated online ordering system – tailored to your business needs. SmartBuild Design allows you to spend more time doing what you’re actually interested in: building barndominiums, garages, and pole barns with high-quality post-frame building supplies.

Helping On and Off the Job Site

While it’s no secret Burrow’s prides itself on providing the best pole barn supplies on your current project, we are also here to help ensure your future projects are a success too. Being an industry leader with years of experience, we have a lot of knowledge to share.

This is why we provide a plethora of information online. Our online archives have the sales material and informational tools to allow you to build the right relationship with your clients and stay up-to-date on the best pole barn supplies.

From customer information, to tips for building a pole barn, to brochures on all of our top pole barn supplies, Burrow’s is happy to help. Check out this free online source today to get a leg up on your competition!

Where to Find The Best “Pole Barn Supplies Near Me”

From the information pamphlets to the actual products themselves, Burrow’s is out to prove that we have the best pole barn supplies.

We’re stubborn about quality. While building pole barns day in and day out can be tiring, our commitment never slacks because consistency in your materials is important.

Burrow’s is a supplier for small and large contractors alike with top-tier post-frame building supplies. We’ve helped construction teams build pole barns across the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and much further.

At Burrow’s, we like to keep it simple. With our high-quality products and high-quality service, we set out every day to provide the best pole barn supplies to even better clients.

We’ll handle the supplies, while you handle the site management. Contact our team today, and let’s get your pole barn project taken care of!

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