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The Burrow’s Advantages To Post-Frame Construction

Post-Frame construction has become more popular among builders and contractors in the midwest and southern region of the United States. This type of construction has historically been used for pole barns and rural buildings and has many advantages to it, including using large posts and trusses that transfer the load to the ground and the frame is built directly on a concrete slab.

Besides the advantages we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, a post-frame structure can be used for anything, and the design is adaptable and can be changed right up to the time of the construction beginning. The whole building process is drastically different from traditional buildings.

Shorter Post-Frame Construction Timeline 

There is less framing involved in post-frame construction and they don’t take as long to build. When there’s less materials that means less labor will be involved. Depending on the length of your project, and how much work is involved, your construction timeline could be cut in half. Of course, there are a few things like weather, accessibility of materials and equipment may play a part in the building timeline. 

A Lower Cost for Post-Frame Foundation

When designing your building, it’s important to determine your must-have features, and find the best supplier for them. Post-frame buildings have a lower cost, because they’re usually built on a concrete slab, and the foundation is usually at a lower cost. A concrete floor can be added to the structure after the posts have been placed into the ground. The posts can even be anchored to the concrete slab.

Energy Efficiency Post-Frame Structures

Post-frame construction has multiple energy efficiency advantages, including long spans of fiberglass batts or spray foam insulation in between posts to prevent fewer breaks or air leaks. With posts that are 8’ apart, there’s room for more insulation and less heat transfer. Post-frame buildings can be heated or cooled easier without costing much.

An Open Floor Plan For a Post-Frame Structure

A post-frame structure is used for many things, whether it’s used as a storage facility, a garage, or barn, it’s a good idea to have an open-floor plan. These large structures don’t need support walls on the inside, so it allows for large open areas and wider openings. Post-frame construction is cost-effective and helps make spaces feel and look bigger than they actually are.

Less Exterior Maintenance For Your Post-Frame Structure

With the right exterior materials, your post-frame structure can last up to 40 years with minimal aging signs, plus you can customize the structure and materials used to your needs. Steel and metal materials are the most popular selections for post-frame structures and they usually mean less maintenance or renovations in the future.

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