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5 Tips to Increase Business for Your Post-Frame Construction Company

At Burrow’s Post Frame Supply we’ve worked with a variety of contractors and building companies. We understand that operating a successful construction business takes a lot of time and skill. Construction companies need to deliver a quality final product that meets customer expectations and stays within their budget and timeframe. While customer service and quality builds are key to satisfied customers, many companies neglect another key aspect of their business, marketing. We’ve heard it many times, it can be difficult to find new customers so we want to share the 5 tips to increase business for your post-frame construction company.

As your go-to supplier for pole barn and other post-frame construction projects, all of us at Burrows want to see your construction companies succeed and grow their business. If our clients find more clients, it grows our business. We’re here to help your business, so we hope that these 5 tips to increase business for your post-frame construction company help your team out!

Tip 1 – Increase business for your post-frame construction company with Email Marketing and Blog Content

There are a lot of potential ways to reach your customers, but one of the most reliable (and affordable) ways is leveraging email marketing. Email marketing provides the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales. It’s a unique opportunity for your business to speak directly to your customers at a time that is convenient for them. With targeted email campaigns you can reach your audience at critical stages of the buying cycle and improve your conversion rates.

Email marketing campaigns can be used to keep in contact with your past clients and create additional sales opportunities. With an effective lead generation strategy, your business can nurture potential clients from the first touch to the final sale through an optimized email marketing campaign. A well-structured email marketing campaign helps your business build and maintain a relationship with your leads, and both past and current customers.

What should you include as content for your email marketing? This is where a successful blogging strategy for your business is important. Aside from providing easy content to pull email marketing from, it’s one of the most profitable strategies for your business. By creating content that is targeted to your customer demographic, you can reach a larger audience. Answering questions, sharing relevant content, or sharing more about your business and its services can create content that appears in relevant search engine queries. By leveraging a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, you can craft content that will appear at the top of search engine results. This will also improve the ranking of your website since users are finding your content valuable and clicking on it. A website ranking improvement can have major traffic impacts on your site. Using industry-relevant keywords and getting them to rank is critical to increasing website traffic, i.e potential customers. Need inspiration? Check out the Burrow’s Post Frame Supply Blog.

Tip 2 – Leveraging Social Media for Your Post Frame Construction Company

Social Media has become one of the more important platforms for businesses in recent years, and it shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. While becoming a leading social media account can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, there are some very simple and straightforward methods to leverage the platforms effectively and improve your business’s marketing.

To improve your business make sure you have a presence on the platforms relevant to your target demographic and the services you provide. As construction companies, the important platforms for your business are likely to be Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Facebook – Facebook is one of the most utilized platforms in the world, and it’s a great opportunity to share services, promotions, and marketing materials to a large prospective audience. Create a page for your business and follow/interact with other accounts relevant to your industry, in fact, go give Burrow’s post frame’s page a follow right now! On your Facebook page, customers can view business info, reviews, and posts from your business.

Instagram – Instagram is another major social media platform that can be leveraged to your advantage. Its analytics tools can help your test and verify what content is engaging with your audience the most. As a builder, this is a great opportunity to share before and after photos, progress pictures, unique builds, and impressive project photos! These types of posts tend to perform well on the platform, be sure to utilize hashtags as well.

Pinterest – Have you heard of this popular platform? According to their bio, Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. Why is it relevant to your construction company? People save images they like by ‘pinning’ them to collections called ‘boards’. Most Pinterest boards are public so others can find, share, and follow boards they like. Housing and Construction boards are usually very popular. By creating boards of projects your business has created, can create, or will create, users can view and share these images to their own boards, which then get shared by more users and so on. These images can all link back directly to your business, creating the opportunity for clients to find you. It’s also a great inspiration catalog you can share with clients who aren’t sure about their projects yet.

Tip 3 – Use Paid Ads to increase business for your post-frame construction company

Sometimes all that it takes to find more customers is to create successful ads. By leveraging a successful PPC advertising campaign you can increase your sales. There are a variety of PPC ad options, including Google Ads, Social Media Ads, and Ad Retargeting. All of these record some of the highest ROIs on ad spending, and offer campaign insight through data analytics. They also have some of the highest Click-through rates (CTR).

Paid Ads require understanding the keywords, search queries, and behavior of your target demographic. Using these factors you can design a campaign using a budget that your business is comfortable with. In today’s world, it is basically a requirement to run some form of PPC ads. Fortunately, there are many digital marketing agencies that can set up, optimize, and manage your PPC ad campaigns.

Tip 4 – Increase Website Traffic by Optimizing Your Website

One of the best ways to improve your business is to start with your website. Essentially your business’s website is your online brochure that displays the products, services, and culture of your company. It helps potential customers answer questions and connect with your team. If your website isn’t optimized correctly it can hurt its ranking, which can reduce website traffic. Optimizing your website is critical to success, which means you need to make sure you’re doing the following:

  • Use alt tags and verify your site is ADA compliant and stays compliant
  • Perform a website speed audit and improve slow page load times
  • Use video content, it’s one of the most engaging ad mediums
  • Optimize website photos to ensure quick load times
  • Use keywords related to your business and industry in the titles, meta-tags, headers, descriptions, and throughout the site
  • Reduce bounce rates through engaging website content
  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly, over 50% of traffic comes from mobile

By implementing these changes you can improve your website and increase traffic levels. You can even verify that your business isn’t making these 6 common website mistakes.

Tip 5 – Use an Experienced Digital Marketing Agency to Increase Business for Your Post-Frame Construction Company.

We understand that increasing business for your post-frame construction company doesn’t happen overnight and takes commitment. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to implement some of these changes, then it may be time to contact the experts in digital marketing and web design.

While you can find many agencies that specialize in paid ads, social media, or web development, it’s best to find one that specializes in all of these fields. An agency that understands digital marketing AND web development can significantly improve your business. This kind of agency can create impactful email marketing campaigns, SEO optimized blogs, and handle your paid ad campaigns.

Meanwhile, their web developers can improve your website and fix any issues that are negatively affecting your website ranking. Your website will now rank higher due to optimization, and the content on the site will appear in more searches because of the SEO focus. Ads wrote by PPC experts leverage keywords to reach more customers for less budget and funnel them back to your website. Email marketing campaigns encourage past customers and new leads to engage with your brand and encourage them to explore your new, industry-focused blog section. For these reasons, a web design and digital marketing agency is a better choice!

Choose Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply for All Your Building Material Needs

We hope that these tips will help you create a marketing strategy that will improve your business performance. While you may not be able to implement every change immediately, there are several options to get started on increasing the business for your post-frame construction company.

When you’re ready to start constructing your new pole barn projects be sure to work with Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply. We’ve worked with numerous contractors to improve their ordering and building process for pole barns, garages, and other outbuildings. Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply strives to provide them with quality materials and tools. Tell us how we can help your business. Visit our site to see our wide variety of pole barn building materials and services available, and reach out to us today!

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