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5 Reasons To Use a Post-Frame Structure for Commercial Buildings

A lot of people don’t realize how useful a post-frame structure is for a commercial building. Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply has 5 reasons why this style of construction can help your business.

Why You Should Build a Post-Frame Structure 

Post-frame construction isn’t just for making a pole barn structure. It can be used to build a brand-new commercial building for your operation. We’re sharing some reasons why you should think about a post-frame structure for your next building.

Less Expensive

The low cost of post-frame construction is one of the biggest pole barn benefits. The fact that you don’t need a foundation, serious expertise, or a complex construction style means more money in your pocket upfront. You can also opt for a much larger structure with no major cost added. 

Choose the Exterior Style

A lot of people think the exterior of a post-frame structure can only be steel. The truth is that you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the exterior. The right commercial building contractor can make your exterior look attractive enough to bring in customers.

You can adorn your building with concrete, plaster, brick, and any fascia you can think of. The options are limitless, which means you can create the right aesthetics for your commercial building pretty easily. With a customized exterior, you can make sure your company’s brand is on proud display for everyone to see. As customers approach your building, they’ll know what to expect inside. The same is true for the interior of the structure, but that often goes without saying.

Add Huge Dock Doors

Since the framework is so massive and spaced out, you can put in huge entrances. This might mean large entry points for customers to shop your store, or massive dock doors for 18-wheelers to comfortably back into.

For certain uses, you might have large equipment that needs to be moved in and out of your building or from one room to another. There are no bounds when it comes to post-frame construction. 

Traditional construction styles require a lot of forethought and planning for these types of decisions. When you decide you need a large door, a steel structure needs additional engineering, which means even more money spent. 

Include HVAC, Plumbing, and More

Even though the structure might look industrial from the outside, you can have all the creature comforts that you need on the inside. Post-frame structures can have HVAC, plumbing, electrical, internet and cable, and anything else you can think of.

You can even use drywall on the interior walls and include a drop ceiling as needed. People sometimes think pole barns are a lot more industrial than they really are, but this kind of structure can serve any function that a standard residential or commercial building can.

Energy Efficiency

A post-frame structure features a lot of space between the vertical posts. This means there’s a lot of room for insulation to go all around your building. On top of that, wood is a naturally insulative material. Since less temperate air escapes your building, you’ll save more energy on HVAC.

If you go for a steel structure instead, the metal will absorb a ton of the cold or hot air from outside. You’ll wind up overworking your HVAC system just to deal with this. Even if you use a steel exterior for your post-frame building, you’ll still have many layers of insulation that will keep the interior at a perfect temperature. This is especially useful for larger buildings and warehouses in rural areas.

The energy efficiency of a pole barn yields even more savings over time.

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A post-frame structure can help decrease up-front costs, you can create a customized exterior and entry points to serve your business well and more. Contact Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply today to find out how we can help.

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